10 Facts About Katrina Kaif

Facts about Katrina Kaif shows that Indian people still have a place in our heart. She is talented and her skill could be recognized since she was a baby. Let’s take a look what happens with Katrina Kaif, a young model and actress who used to be the winner of Hawaiian model:

Facts About Katrina Kaif 1: She Used To Live In Different Countries

When she was young, she moved to many countries often. Her parents worked in different places and she had to follow them. Now, she has settled in London and building her career there.

Facts About Katrina Kaif 2: Katrina Casted and Failed For “Saaya” Movie

Well, she is capable enough for the movie created by Mahesh Bhatt, but as she did not speak any Hindi, unfortunately she had to leave it. Then, a year after, she was casted for “Boom” movie, and that was her first movie since she moved to London.

 Facts About Katrina Kaif 3: Her Career Seen Since She Was 14

She won a beauty contest when she was 14. It was in Hawaii and since then, there were many offers for her. One day, the producers of “Boom” movie recognized her and asked her to do casting for the movie.

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Facts About Katrina Kaif 4: She Keeps Her Eastern Culture Although She Lives Among Western Culture

So, one of the strongest things you can find in Eastern culture is its superstitious. Katrina Kaif keeps that for her and still, she comes to practice praying to keep her superstitious ability.

 Facts About Katrina Kaif 5: Black Coffee Is The Paradise For Her

Well made black coffee served together with cereals or sushi will make her smile along the day. These things are her favourites.

 Facts About Katrina Kaif 6: Katrina Kaif Used To Wear Her Old Dresses in New York Movie

If you are her fan, you will know this thing; that she went to New York movie and wearing her old dresses. She also appeared without make up at that moment.

 Facts About Katrina Kaif 7: She Is A Yoga Addict

Along with Indian Culture, Katrina Kaif practices Yoga everyday. In the morning she wakes up at 6 and she practices yoga after swimming.

Facts About Katrina Kaif 8: Releasing Music Album for Helping One School

Katrina Kaif decided to work on music. She then released it to raise fund to help people especially in education fields. It was in 2010 and she knew that there was a school that needed a help for renovation, so she warmly helped the school

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Facts About Katrina Kaif 9: Thanks To Atul Kasbekar!

Katrina work together with Atul Kasbekar, her photographer. Since then, she got so many offeres for big advertising such as Coca Cola.

 Facts About Katrina Kaif 10: Her Beauty Goes Viral

Between 2011 and 2013, she was the most searched actresses in the internet. So, for you who didn’t know her yet, you can start searching now.

Have you ever see one of her movies?Now you know what movie she has after reading facts about Katrina Kaif.