10 Facts About Kayaking

This one of the famous water sport will be revealed through facts about kayaking. The first introduced kayak was in in Germany, although the Indian invented several centuries ago, but kayaking was internationally accepted for Olympics in Germany. So, for you who want to know more about kayaking, just take a look on these facts!

Facts About Kayaking 1: The Original Name Of Kayak Invented By Inuit

It has meaning “hunter’s boat”. The name was invented by the Inuit with original name ‘Yup,Ik’. This boat used to use for hunting from the water since it’s ideal for sneaking up.

Facts About Kayaking 2: Germany Was Where The Kayak Was Included In Olympic

Kayaking becomes the official sports around the world nowadays. It was started from Germany which announced that kayaking became one of the Olympics sports along with canoeing.

 Facts About Kayaking 3: “Kleppers” Used To Be The Applied For War

There are two different kind of kayaks: the first is a one man kayak and the other is two men kayaks called “Kleppers”. Kleppers used to be use by US marine for a mission during the war.

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Facts About Kayaking 4: Hungary Is Named As The Most Olympic Winner Of Kayaking

It is known that Hungary becomes the country which gets the most medals in kayaking. During the Olypic, Hungary always becomes the first place in Kayaking.

Facts About Kayaking 5: 1902 Kayaks Became The World Record

In 1902, Kayaks became the world record for rafting up together. Then, in 2011 it happened again in New York.

Facts About Kayaking 6: This Water Sport Was First Introduced In Berlin

“Flat water racing” was the name chosen for 1936 Berlin games. Since then, there were many modifications for it. In 1948, the first women kayaks was added as well for the Olympic. All those moments was officially announced in Germany.

Facts About Kayaking 7: Tyler Bradt Is The World Record Kayaker

2009 was the year of Tyler. He did a record for kayaking from the highest waterfall which is 189 feet. He is well known as the extreme American kayaker.

Facts About Kayaking 8: Other Extreme Kayaker Is Franz Roner

There is another kayaker who is well known with his bravery. He is Franz Romer, a 29 year-old veteran from WW I. He did kayaking across the borders; from Lisbon to Puerto Rico. He did 4.000 miles travelling with his kayak.

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 Facts About Kayaking 9: The Oldest Kayaks Are 439 Year-Old!

If you come to visit Munich, Germany, you will see the oldest kayaks in the museum Five Continents. Those kayaks were North Americans’ and it was made in 1577!

Facts About Kayaking 10: Eskimos Were The Modern Tribe Who Made Kayak

Those Eskimos who lived in Greenland, Canada, and Alaska was the tribe who invented kayak. They are including Inuit, Aleut, and Yup’ik.

Learning to do kayaking is not that difficult. What you have to do is just finding your balance. Moreover, you have to get used to the water and be prepared for your numb arms. Dare to try kayaking after reading these facts about kayaking?