10 Facts About Kayapo

Facts about kayapo will bring you some knowledge about this Brazilian tribe that still exists. They live in some Brazilian areas and some of them along Amazon forest. Here are the facts!

Facts About Kayapo 1: Kayapo Is Now Fighting For Mining Which Caused Mercury

The mining system is the main problem for Kayapos. They are living in the nature and the mining has polluted Xingu River. It caused an unhealthy water for the generation and it’s getting difficult for them to live. Now, they are still fighting for the irresposible people behind the mining system who only work for developing, without figuring out any effects for the nature.

Facts About Kayapo 2: The Protest Appears With The Symbols Used From Their People

Kayapos comes down to the land to protest for Altamira. They are fighting to defend their land because it disturbed indigenous people who live there. They wore their warrior dresses which included knives, bows and arrows.

 Facts About Kayapo 3: The Kayapo Is The Tribe In Brazil

Their homeland is in Mato Grosso and Para, Brazil. The name Kayapo means “those who look like monkey.” In their tribe, they have a ritual which is done by men wearing monkey masks.

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Facts About Kayapo 4: Kayapo People Work Together With Conservation International

Yes, both of Kayapo people and Conservation International are working together to protect Amazon forest. They are partneships and work by building small bussiness to keep protecting the forest from modern developing area

Facts About Kayapo 5: There Are Two Things That Officially Disturbed The Tribe: Logging And Mining

Xingu river is their place for living but nowadays it has been polluted by mercury because of the mining. Besides, illegal logging has also destroyed the rainforest. If it continues like that, Kayapo people will have no home for living.

Facts About Kayapo 6: The Kayapo Indians Were Known As The Fierce Warriors

They totally resisted dominant culture because they assume that new culture will destroy their origin. Besides, the dominant culture usually takes advantage of theirs. So, which their Amerindian, the native tribe of Kayapo who live near Amazon river, raides enemy tribes.

Facts About Kayapo 7: There Are Plenty Divisions For The Tribes

There are great diversities among the Amerindian. It is divided from the language, mythologies, and also religion customs. Kayapo is one of the small tribes among the Amerindians and it is considered as the tribe who have many divisions on their tribes.

Facts About Kayapo 8: The Kayapo Has Their Own Legend Who Is Believed As Their Ancestors

It is sometimes called as folklore or legend at the same time. The story happens in the lagoon. When the dawn rises and you keep staring at the lagoon, you will see a ghost appeared in a European white men with horseback galloping. They believe that this thing as their ancestor.

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Facts About Kayapo 9: The Kayapos Believe In After Life

According to their story, the dead people go to the death village. They also have their own activities. Everything is in the opposite. During the day the death are sleeping, and at night they are hunting. It happens as well that the old people becomes children, and the children become older.

Facts About Kayapo 10: There Is Special Day For The Kayapos

The Kayapos also celebrate several special days. However, they are more in celebrating ceremonies. There are two seasons in the Amazon area which are dry season and rainy season. The celebration is usually in the sry season. It’s more like ritual celebration since they don’t connect religion, natural, or festive elements. They believe that those things are connected each others..
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