10 Facts About Kea

Have you ever heard about facts about Kea? Kea is a lovely bird which has beautiful wings to fly. They mostly live in the South New Zealand areas and spread to other tropical countries. Let’s see what kea is and how they live solidly.

Facts About Kea 1: Kea Is Categorised As A Parrot Family

It is a cute animal from parrot family. The characteristics of kea are similar like other parrots. The 4 toes in each foot can be used to manipulate objects by pretending those as hand and feet. They usually move around in the tree or walking on the ground.

Facts About Kea 2: The Beauty Of Its Feathers Can Be Only Seen By Birds And Insects

The general color of its plumage is like emerald green edged with black and orange colors. This beautiful and shining feathers can only be recognised by insects and birds.

Facts About Kea 3: Theres Is Difference Between Male And Female’s Beak

The beak is actually longer than other animals. The man beak is usually 4.5 – 5 cm long. While the female beak is smaller which is only 4-4.5 cm long.

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Facts About Kea 4: Kea Is As Smart As 4 Year-Old Kid

Scientists found that kea has the ability like a 4 year old kid. It has the smart level like a kid and also it can follow your movements like a kid. Try to do it!

Facts About Kea 5: The Wild Kea Mostly Live In The South Island Of New Zealand

As we know that New Zealand has its best conservation for floras and faunas. The wild kea live there around alpine areas in New Zealand. They are also spreaded in the Southern Alps.  Kaikora is also their homeland.

Facts About Kea 6: You Can See A Solid Kea Lining Up Like The Size Of A Cat Sitting Up

When kea is lining up you can see them lining for about 46 cm long. It’s like the size of a cat sitting up. Kea also has wingspan for about 46 cm long when they are flying.

 Facts About Kea 7: Kea’s Weights Is About 750gr-1 Kg. It’s Quiet Heavy For A Small Parrot!

The male kea usually weighs for about 750-1 kg, while the female is lighter. They are about 750gr-850gr. It has its function. When they are up in the mountain they will not lose heat since in the upper area, the temperatures go down.

Facts About Kea 8: Kea Is A Very Passionate And Loyal Partners

When many people know that penguins are the truly loyal animal, you have to think again. Kea is one of the animal that is loyal to their partner. They can breed each year and they think about a mate of life.

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Facts About Kea 9: July-October Is The Time For Laying The Eggs

This is the perfect time when the eggs laid following the hatch for 4 weeks. Then, for about 12 weeks later, the chicks will leave the nest.

Facts About Kea 10: Keas Are Like Humans. They Are Living In Their Own Complexes

It’s like us, when we have family, we normally have our home. Kea has the same habit. When they are breeding, they will hold their territory for themselves for about 4kms2. You can see the spurs coming down to the valley if you come to the mountain. That is the sign of kea’s complex.

Kea is forbidden to own by bird lovers since they are wild animals. So, are you gonna see them after these facts about kea?