10 Facts About Kedarnath

Are you going to visit India for your holiday? Wait a second because we have facts about Kedarnath that will give you other perspective about India. This place is located in Uttarakhan, the place where the holiest temple was built for centuries. Surrounded by mountains, Kedarnath becomes the most beautiful place to visit in India. Are you curious? There you go!

Facts About Kedarnath 1: Kedarnath Is Located Among The Holy Temples Area

It is located in Uttarakhand where the temples area is built for centuries. This is one of the magic cities in India that attract many tourists. Several years ago, there was a tragic flashflood and caused the death of thousands of pilgrims.

Facts About Kedarnath 2: It Is Believed As The Place Of Vishnu

Kedarnath itself comes to exist when it named after King Kedar. He was the leader during the the Staya Yug regime. Pandit Manish Sharma who is an astrologer also said that Kedarnath was the place where Vishnu lived.

Facts About Kedarnath 3: The Place Where The Holiest Pilgrimage Hindus

As it is the location of Hindu’s temples, Kedarnath is well known as the holiest place for Hindus in India. Not only Hindus from India come to visit this holy temples, but the pilgrims around the world do their holy pilgrimage in this area.

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Facts About Kedarnath 4: There Is An Important Dham That Is Well Known Internationally

Kedarnath is well known by its dham areas. However there is one Dham that is wellknown compared to others. This dham is in the mountain and it’s very hard to reach. It is located 11.755 feet above the sea level and it’s in the mountain peaks Himalaya.

Facts About Kedarnath 5: The Sex Ratio In Kedarnath Has Been Skewed

There is a big difference between male and females in this town. Patriarchy system is still applied since centuries. The city composed by 98 percents males and only 2 percents females. The literacy rate is also quite high compared to other regions. The males ratio is 63 percents whereas the females is only 36 percents.

Facts About Kedarnath 6: The Temples Are Shut During Winter

Kedarnath has its extreme weather and cold. During winter, the temples are shut for pilgrimages for six months. At the same time, the statue of Shiv is carried down to Ukhimath.

Facts About Kedarnath 7: There Are Many Priests And Communities In Kedarnath Temples

The temples belong to many people as well as the priests. You can find many priests come from many Indian’s areas. The head of the priest comes from Veerashaia community.

Facts About Kedarnath 8: It’s The Temples For Celebrities And Folks

Many celebrities come to this temple to do the pilgrimage. One of them is Priyanka Chopra who came for praying. Amita Bachan and his families are also the occasional tourists for this place.  many politicians visited the site of Kedarnath to assess damage, rescue options and offer what help they could.

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Facts About Kedarnath 9: The Absolvation Of Your Sins Will Be Done By The Water Of Kedarnath

There are many people come to this holliest temples in order to release their sins. When you do the pilgrimage and you passes away during your holy journey, your sould will be free from sins and you will go directly to the paradise. For you who have a wish or wishes, you can drink the water of Kedarnath and it will come true.

Facts About Kedarnath 10: Natural Disaster Hit The Area And Caused Death For Many People

Recently there was a torrential flood that hit many of the areas. They are many people and pilgrimages passed away after the flood. The flood also hit several areas in Uttarakhand

We know that you will be interested to pack your backpack after having a little time for facts about Kedarnath.

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