10 Facts About Keep Castles

Castle in a fairy tale represents the beautiful kingdom, but this facts about keep castles will reveal the truth. The life in the castle is definitely different from the fairy tale. Can you imagine living with a tiny ventilation, dark room, and cold? That is exactly how you can describe about castles. There are many things you can find through this article.

Facts About Keep Castles 1: There Is No Toilet In The Castle

Well, make sure that you have finished all of the liquids from your body when you enter the castle. It is definitely an uncomfortable thing to know that you can’t find any toilets in the castle.

Facts About Keep Castles 2: The Normans Built On A Mount

This is used to protect the area of the king. When the Normans came thousand years ago, they built a high castle on the top of the mountain. It is kind of strategy for their enemy so that they would not reach the castle easily.

Facts About Keep Castles 3: The Oldest European Castle Is Windstor Castle

It was built 900 years ago. This castle is still the property of Queen Elizabeth II. It was actually built by William I among the other nine castles. Then, it has been renovated into a stoned castle by Henry II.

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Facts About Keep Castles 4: The Castle Was Purposedly Built For Defense.

When you look at the castle, you will not find any space to shoot or to destry it. Yes, the castle was definitely built for making the enemies down and out.

Facts About Keep Castles 5: Clockwise Stairs Are Real

It was actually built for practical use. As most of the people were right handed, the stairs will give them an effective effect for their hands. The right hand for carrying weapons and the other is free hand.

Facts About Keep Castles 6: England Has More Than Thousand Castles

England can be said as the home for castles. There are more than 1500 castles you can find in every regions. The sites are now well known for the tourist attractions.

Facts About Keep Castles 7: Don’t Think About Comfort When You Hear The Word Castle

Castles in the real world are different from castles in the Cinderella story. In the fairy tale, castle is pictured as the beautiful place where the prince and princess live happily ever after. Oppositely, the castles are built for defense from the enemy. It is far from the word comfortable. The castles are usually built from mud or stones and have a minimum ventilation for the sunlight.

Facts About Keep Castles 8: Eating And Playing Chess Are Found To Cure Boredom In The Castles

Those two activities are usually done inside the castles. Why? There is nothing to do in the uncomfortable place like castle. So, what they usually do to kill boredom is playing chess and eating!

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Facts About Keep Castles 9: The Servants Were Treated With Some Luxury Things

Yes, luxury here means that you can have warm blanket and the fireplace. The servants in the middle ages were sleeping on the ground with warm blanket and personal fireplace. Seems like a family of dog.

Facts About Keep Castles 10: It’s The Weakest Spot On Earth

Our granny village is still way better than the castle. Even if you are prince or princes, the castle would be the worst place you might stay when the other kingdom calls for war. So, are you still interested living in the castle?

Dare to make it real after reading facts about keep castles?