10 Facts About Kefir

Are you familiar with facts about Kefir? To start making your life balanced, you need to know about this magic drink. Kefir is a fermented goat or cow milk that contains probiotics. Probiotics is good for our metabolism and for our immune system. Besides, it’s also good for your skin. So, are you curious?

Facts About Kefir 1: This Is A New Healthy Food For Everything

Kefir is considered as healthier than yoghurt. It is because it contains high nutrients and probiotics. The good news is that you can also make it as a face mask for your healthy skin.

Facts About Kefir 2: Kefir Is A Fermentation Of Cow Or Goat’s Milk

Don’t get me wrong, kefir is definitely a fermented milk. So, it’s different from the goat or cow milk that you buy in the supermarket. You need to add some yeast or ;lactic acid to make it as kefir.

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Facts About Kefir 3: Compared To Yoghurt, Kefir Has Many Benefits

It’s not only good for your health, but also good for the beauty of your skin. Besides, kefir is recently used to cure mental health problem. Wow!

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Facts About Kefir 4: Kefir Is Used To Protect Our Body From Infections

The probiotics provided in kefir is good for fighting against infections. There are many bacteries in our body that we need to consider, and some of them can grow and infects our body. By consuming kefir, you can prevent the growing of unwanted bacterias in our body.

Facts About Kefir 5: Kefir Is Now Popular Among Ladies

The awarness of healthy life and back to natue, makes kefir becomes one of the most searched things in the world. There are now many people open bussiness in kefir. They usually make kefir for beauty and for health problems.

Facts About Kefir 6: Kefir Can Prevent Us From Cancer

As one of the death causes in the world, cancer is dangerous for our life. Consuming kefir once in a day can protect our body from cancer since it has a high antioxidant level for our body and cells.

Facts About Kefir 7: It’s Acid But It’s Completely Save For Your Tummy

For those who have problem with maag or diarrhea, kefir will help you to take the bacterias out to the gut. It’s save foryour tummy even if it’s acid.

Facts about Kefir 8: Kefir Is Good for Those Who Have Lactose Intolerance

The dairy foods we consume everyday contains high levelof lactose. Of course it would be difficult for those who have problem with lactose intolerance. Kefir offers a good option if you love dairy food since it has lower lactose than milk.

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Facts About Kefir 9: Allergic People Will Be Saved By Kefir

If you have asthma or some inflammatory responses caused by allergy, consuming kefir will neutralize the effects. Try to combine kefir for your dessert with fruits. That would be a perfect mix!

Facts About Kefir 10: Make Your Homemade Kefir!

We know that some of us can’t easily trust to supermarket products, but don’t worry, you can make your homemade kefir. It would be the healthiest and safest kefir for you.

If you are unsure about the supermarket’s products, you can make your homemade kefir at home. This is all about facts about kefir!