10 Facts About Keith Lemon

The famous TV show The Keith Lemon TV Show inspired us to write about facts about Keith Lemon. He is a famous English TV show whose his controversial lifestyle has been discussed and questioned by many people. For those who has ITV Channel at home, you must know this person. So, let’s check if you know something about him.

Facts About Keith Lemon 1: Keith Lemon Is A Fictional Character

Ligh Francis is the creator of Keith Lemon. He said that Lemon is his brainchild and it’s based on a friend character who is definitely Keith Lemon. Keith Lemon first appeared in a show Whatever I want.

Facts About Keith Lemon 2:He Is Unidentified Yet Whether He Is Bi Or Gay

Different from the real Leigh Francis who married to a beauty therapist, the sexual orientation of Keith Lemon hasn’t been recognized yet. Some people said he is bisexual and the rest say he is a gay.

Facts About Keith Lemon 3: Tom Daley Said Publicly That Keith Lemon Is A Gay

On one of the episodes in the show, Tom Daley said that Keith Lemon is definitely a gay. Lemon was dating Dustin Lance Black and it meant that Lemon was not a bisexual.

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Facts About Keith Lemon 4: There Are Three Shows He Is Currently Handled

Those three shows are popular among Americans. They are Celebrity Juice and Through The Keyhole. All of them is in ITV. In 2015 there was ITV 2 started showing The Keith Lemon Sketch Show.

Facts About Keith Lemon 5: eBay Is His Favorite Place To Fulfill His Desire

Lemon admitted that he is a shopaholic. One day during the interview, Lemon said that eBay is the world’s coolest invention since he loves to shop by online.  Additionally, in eBay you can find anything you want. Cool!

Facts About Keith Lemon 6: Lemon Spotted That Nowadays Teenagers Have Terrible Fashion Style

He said and he also figured out why teens nowadays often go outside without proper costumes. The style is terrible and not properly. November is definitely almost winter and the wear such a costume like underwear. It surprised him like seriously.

Facts About Keith Lemon 7: He Is In Addiction Of Spicy Foods

He said that his favourite place to go is Nando. There you can find flame grilled butterfly chicken and the most important thing is it’s spicy.

Facts About Keith Lemon 8: Keith Lemon Invented New Tattoo Style

Take a look on his wrist and you will find bandages there. Lemon prefered to have bandage rather than tattoo which sometimes doesn’t fit at all. Many girls come to him and ask how many times he hurt himself.

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Facts About Keith Lemon 9: Profession And Pleasures Are Different Things

Those are completely different stuff for Keith Lemon. Sometimes he feds up by people who kept asking about the same glamour life he has behind the stage. Of course, it ‘s completely different. Profession is for business and pleasure is pleasure.

Facts About Keith Lemon 10: Fearne Cotton Is His Goddess

The presenter Fearne Cotton is the only girl he would love to give his both phone numbers. Lemon is the greatest fan of this ravished presenter.

It’s the time to add Keith Lemon to your favorite celebrity list after this facts about Keith Lemon.