10 Facts About Keith Moon

Facts about Keith Moon is our recommendation if you love The Who. The band has been announced as a legend after their singles which stayed on the top for decades. Keith Moon, the drummer of The Who participated for the Who’s successful career. He had unique taste and characteristic in playing drum. Let’s see what we’ve got for you!

Facts About Keith Moon 1: His Calling To Be A Drummer Was Found When He Was 14

It was when Keith was 14. He looked at the drums and it was like his soulmate. Gerry Evan was his pal in drumming since Keith was young. One day they missed all the gigs because Keith played the drums for hours.

Facts About Keith Moon 2: Gerry Enabled Keith To Buy The Premier Drum

It was Gerry who worked at Paramount Music and he first had his Premier drum kit. It was quite expensive and he gave it to Keith for 75 pounds at that moment.

Facts About Keith Moon 3: Carlo Little Was Keith Inspiration

Keith love Carlo Little and he kept playing his drum after watching some shows held by London rock monster. He was Carlo Little, the one who was the living spirit to keep drumming for Keith Moon.

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Facts About Keith Moon 4: A Gong Was Added In His Drum Premier Kit In 1998

It was a traditional Javanese instrument which was added in his drum kit. Keith was a loyal and consistent drummer who always had something to add every year. Since 1968 he started to complete his drum kit and all completed in 1998.

Facts About Keith Moon 5: Ringo Star Existed In His Movie

Keith was portrayed on a movie entitled That’ll Be The Day (1973). In that movie, Ringo, his best friend appeared for the portrayal of drummer in JD Clover. Soon after that, Ringo Star was plucked away by The Beatles.

Facts About Keith Moon 6: Before The Beatles, Keith Was The Former Drummer Of The Who

The three singles of The Who in 1965 needed a session drummer as cover. It was the time that Keith was seen as the legend for the drummer world. He got three singles of The Who which he had to play.

Facts About Keith Moon 7: The Who Realized That Keith Was Comfortable Enough With His Drum

Keith was tested and was patronized by the members. They not only saw how well Keith play and got along with his drum, but also how comfortable enough Keith played the songs of The Who. And of course, Keith passed the test!

Facts About Keith Moon 8: Keith Set Up A Unique Element For His Drum kit

It was briefly known that as a drummer, Keith has a unique taste. He had his own or custom setups for his drumkit. It made his character out while he was playing his drum.

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Facts About Keith Moon 9: Philly Joe Jones Once Had A Drum Lesson With Keith

Everyone knows that Keith had his character to play drum in The Who. Once when Phillip Joe Jones, the drummer of Miles Davis came to London in the 60’s, he got a lesson from Keith. He was completely mad and asked Keith to go away since whatever Jones played his drum, Keith would spoil it up.

Facts About Keith Moon 10: In The End, He Preferred To Be Backed By Drummer

There were many reasons he said due to this fact. It was because he got injured in his wrist and he was afraid that he couldn’t play well. The other reason was he was tired being up close to the public as he was handling three movies at the same time.

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