10 Facts About Keith Urban

Let’s get some eye refreshing for this facts about Keith Urban. One of the influential judges in the music competitions on TV. His career is incredible and his works have been admitted by the world since decades. Keith Urban is as well the husband of the beautiful Nicole Kidman. They both have two cutie pies and far from the controversial news among the

Facts About Keith Urban 1: He Just Celebrated His Birthday This Year

Keith Urban just celebrated his 45 year-old birthday. He was born in October 26th. As a succesful singer, he has released many albums and he got his album hits in 13 years! The other good news is that Keith has two cutie daughters with Nicole Kidman.

Facts About Keith Urban 2: Keith Was Born In A Farm Village

His origin was a farm boy. His father ran a convenience store which supply many needs for animals and farm. When he was a young boy, he used to get muddy all day long. He helped his father to milk cows and cleaning the pigsty.

Facts About Keith Urban 3: Keith Is A Bad Cop At Home

Keith is a discipline person. At home he admitted that he had to be a bad cop after the wife. He told the people during the interview in 2011.  

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Facts About Keith Urban 4: Niki Taylor Was His First Lover

If you think that Nicole Kidman is his first lover, we will prove you wrong. The supermodel Niki Taylor was exactly his first lover before he came to Kidman. Their relationship was unpublished until the time they got split.

Facts About Keith Urban 5: Suburban Is His Nickname At Home

He has got two brothers and he is the youngest. That’s why in his family he is called suburban. Look. Sub-Urban. Do you get this joke?

Facts About Keith Urban 6: Brooks And Dunns Was His First Step To Be Musician In America

When he first arrived in America he didn’t have any greencard. What he had was only guitar skill. Then he met Brooks and Dunns and Keith Urban became the road guitarist for the band.

Facts About Keith Urban 7: The Weapon For Him Is Fried Pimento Cheese Sandwiches

He needs weapon during his working hour as a song writer. Fried pimento cheese sandwiches will boost his energy yet fight for any mind blockages.

Facts About Keith Urban 8: Showering While Writing A Song Is His Favorite

Gonna date him? Bring you pen at the shower. Keith Urban loved to write a song during shower time. He told the people that showering is the best time to bulp up any ideas and write it down on the paper.

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Facts About Keith Urban 9: Keith Dropped Out His School To Pursue His Career

Keith dropped out from the school when he was 15. He decided to pursue his passion in music and stopped the school. Recently he invented a program related to music and its instruments to the school as the curriculum.

Facts About Keith Urban 10: His Favorite Sport Is Bowling

He said if one day his music didn’t work, he could anytime turn his direction to a bowling player. Keith has a good skill in bowling and playing guitar.

Don’t be sad ladies with this facts about Keith Urban!