10 Facts About Ken Done

If you’ve ever heard of this artist you will be happy to see the facts about Ken Done. He is one of the famous Australian painter whose works has been known by the people around the world. Done has held over 50 exhibitions across the world. Are you ready for this interesting facts?

Facts About Ken Done 1: Graduated From National Art School Australia, He Commenced A Successful Career

Ken Done was born on June 29th 1940. He used to be in a formal school but then decided to leave for National Art School. Done studied for 5 years and since then it brought him to a highly succesful career. He devotes his time for painting full time an the result is his paintings are installed in 7 countries.

Facts About Ken Done 2: The Originality Of Ken Done Can Be Seen Through His Pantings

Oils and arcrylic are his weapons on canvas. His inspirations come from many courses and diversities. Several inspirations such as Japanese poetry, quiet gardens, aboriginal art and urban shout of Sydney underlie his works as an artist.

Facts About Ken Done 3: Done’s Original Arts Attract The Famous Australian Brand

His sensibility towards the issues and also the diverse courses, brings him to the next level. His works become the creative source of one famous brand in Australia. It started when he ran a small company near Sydney harbour and displayed his works there. The visitors were attracted together with Sydnesiders who came in that area.

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Facts About Ken Done 4: Several Famous Brands Use His Creative And Original Works

There are several famous brands which ask him to join into their major projects. Those are BMW Artcar, joining such artists as Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Roy Lichtenstein and Alexander Calder. Another thing that indicates his succeeds is his works has been used by Japanese Magazine Hanako for about ten years.

Facts About Ken Done 5: Ken’s Decoration At The Powerhouse Museum Were Used In 1994

The creation on the major retrospective to design the Garden Restaurant at the Power House Museum, Sydney made him famous as not only a painter but also a decoration for interior stuff.

Facts About Ken Done 6: He Introduced Australia As A Creative, Optimist And Bold Country

Australia recognised Ken’s works as Australian culture heritage. Ken received The Order of Australia in 1992 for his dedication in Arts, cultures and also tourism. He also presents Australia to the world as creative, optimist and bold country through his works of art.

Facts About Ken Done 7: Michael Fitzgerald Reported That Ken Paintings Reveal A Different Side Of Him

Michael Fitzgerald reported that the establishment of Ken’s works of arts presented the different side of Ken. It’s kind of good news since his image is portrayed as only the sunny image.

Facts About Ken Done 8: Ken Done Moved Several Times After The War

The war time started and Ken Done moved to several places to live. In the end he moved to his father’s place in Maclean on the Clarence Rive. He then remembered one of the books he read, Huckleberry Finn. It was because his daily activities were fishing and mucked around everyday.

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 Facts About Ken Done 9: He Was First Opened His Gallery In Chinamans Beach, North Sidney

Ken rented a bungalow in Chinamans Beach. He used the bungalow for his gallery and he displayed his paintings there. Ssoon after that, there were so many people and famous brands offered him to work together with his designs.

Facts About Ken Done 10: Well, Ken Done Is Both Artist Who Has A Good Instinct In Business

Again, Ken opened his first shop in The Rocks. In that place, Ken sold his T-Shirt with the painting design. With all busy works of his shop, he had to focus on the selling but he did it well in the end!

A unique taste of Ken Done attracted us about the facts about Ken Done.