10 Facts About Ken Griffey Jr

Facts about Ken Griffey Jr tells about the career and history about the famous baseball player. Baseball becomes the fampus sport around the world especially in The United States. If you are baseball lover, after Sammy Sosa you have Ken Griffet Jr. Let’s take a look on our fresh information about Ken Griffey:

Facts About Ken Griffey Jr 1: Big Red Machine Was His First Team

Griffey spent his childhood by playing around with the big team called Big Red Machine. However, his career as a baseball player has been seen since he was a kid. People stated that Griffey was born as stardom

Facts About Ken Griffey Jr 2: Griffey Is The Son Of All Star No 1

This means that Griffey carries his own pressures. Since his father is also a baseball player and had received the field name as All Star no 1, he was carrying his father name and seems that people know his father than his skills.

Facts About Ken Griffey Jr 3: His Skill Is On The Combination Of Power, Athleticism And Speed

His skills on those three things make him the star as an outfielder. Griffey received an honor in the National Baseball Hall.

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 Facts About Ken Griffey Jr 4: Donora Is The Homeland Of Griffey

He was born in Donora 21st November 1969. His born date is similar with Musial who was born in Donora 49 years before Griffey. They have the same success stories.

Facts About Ken Griffey Jr 5: Griffey Has Known As A Profesional Baseball Player Since He Was 22 Years Old

As he was very young, with his talents and skills, it was easier for him to be recognised by people. When he was 22 years old, Griffey was a former base ball player. What did you do when you were 22?

Facts About Ken Griffey Jr 6: Hall Of Fame Is Him

It was MLB Draft in 1965 and Griffey received the first No.1 to earn enshrinement in the Hall of Fame.

Facts About Ken Griffey Jr 7: Griffey And His Father Used To Play Together With Different Teams

So, it’s an interesting combination and relationship between father and son. Griffey Jr. Played with his team and his father played with the team. They went to the field and they played in versus.

Facts About Ken Griffey Jr 8: Ken Griffey Hit Two Home Run Home On September 2014

It was the match between Angel’s Kirk McCaskill. He hit him for two home run home.

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Facts About Ken Griffey Jr 9: Griffey Has Placed 44 Ballsparks, Second Behind Sammy Sosa

Sammy Sossa hit 45 ballsparks. However, Ken Griffey overtakes all the baseball player and put his record second behind Sammy Sosa, the legend. There are 14 seasons in total.

Facts About Ken Griffey Jr 10: Griffey Is The Fifth Winner Of The Hall Of Fame

He is the fifth winner of Home Run Derby joining other Griffey is the fifth winner of the Home Run Derby to be enshrined to the Hall of Fame, joining other Derby winners.

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