10 Facts About Ken Kesey

Facts about Ken Kesey will give you chance to know him more. If you’ve never heard of him, you need to know some secret that we are gonna reveal here. Ken Kesey is one of the famous writer who wrote a novel entitled One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1962). Few years ago, since it’ published for the first time, the novel celebrated 50 years anniversary after the death of the author. So to day we are gonna bring you back the story behind the novel and especiallythe author who wrote it.

 Facts About Ken Kesey 1: “Furthur” Is The Name Of Kesey’s Bus

The bus took him across the United States together with many other famous authors. With this bus, Ken Kesey and other writers were brought to Tom Wolfe’s novel called “The Electric Kool-Acid Test”. In this book, Tom Wolfe used Kesey character as a “hero of Tom Wolfe’s psychedelic drugs.”

Facts About Ken Kesey 2: Kesey And His Family Lived In Oregon

Kesey raised his wife with their  cuti pies in Pleasant Hill. There, they also raised cattle and sheep for the daily farm.

Facts About Ken Kesey 3: Stanford University Is Where He Got All The Writing Knowledge

Kesey decided to enrolll formal training in fiction writing. Stanford University was his place where he studied fiction. He had a writing fellow named Wallace Stegner and they got along until finally Kesey explained that something went wrong with both of them.

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Facts About Ken Kesey 4: He Was Imprisoned For Drug Possesions

It was in 1966 when Kesey was sentenced for the possession of drugs. He spent for about six months in jail in California.

Facts About Ken Kesey 5: Did You Know That Keses Used To Be A Wrestler?

Yes, he was a wrestler when he was at the University of Oregon. 174 pounds was his weight division and he was almost qualified in an Olypic team. Unfortunately, he had to stop his wrestler career because he got serious injury in his shoulder.

Facts About Ken Kesey 6: Kesey Was Announced As The Winner Of Oscar In 1975

His famous novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1962), was published worldwide and it became the famous American novel in 1960’s. In 1975, the book brought him into an Oscar-Winning.

Facts About Ken Kesey 7: Jed, His Son, Was A Wrestler At The University Of Oregon

One of his sons, Jed, was also a wrestler at University of Oregon. He said he wanted to continue his father’s dream. However, his destiny said the opposite, in 1984, he was killed in a team van crash.

Facts About Ken Kesey 8: Ken Kesey Is The Trendsetter For Americans

People admitted him as a trendsetter of all time. He was a young man who had accomplished many things during his age. On the other hand, his concern in counter culture movements also attract the Americans. He was considered as the role model of American Dream.

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Facts About Ken Kesey 9: Being A Writer Was His Real Dream

Ken Kesey got his bachelor degree of art in 1957. He decided to move to Eugene for his dairy farm busineess. While working on it, Ken Kesey wanted to pursue his dream as a writer, although he knew the future of a writer will be always uncertain.

Facts About Ken Kesey 10: Veteran’s Hospital And His Ongoing Use Of Psychedelics Inspired Him The Most

His novel was inspired by those two things; the use of psychedelics and also Veteran’s hospital. He dedicated his life to write novel all of his life and we can see the result now. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest becomes the most influential and famous novel for decades.

Let’s read one of the novels that we provided in facts about Ken Kesey.