10 Facts About Ken Saro Wiwa

Our facts about Ken Saro Wiwa today is dedicated to the true activist and an environmental activist, Ken Saro Wiwa. He is the selfless activist who were struggling for  the justice especially for Nigerian. Unfortunately, he passed away in very young age, when he was 20 years old. Let’s remember one of or heroes by looking on these facts below:

Facts About Ken Saro Wiwa 1: A Proud Son Of Jim Wiwa

Ken Saro Wiwa was born on October 10, 1942. He is the son of Ogonu which has another name Jim Wiwa. Since he was child, he has his concern in the governmental issue. This fact can be seen when he attended the school of Governmental College. The scholarship also given for him to study English in the University of Ibadan.

Facts About Ken Saro Wiwa 2: He Is Well Known As A Novelst As Well As Bussinesman And Television Producer

His name is well known until his death. As he was very young, he had produced many things and his talented attitude had been seen by many people in the world. One of his works is his novel. He wrote several titles such as On A Darkling Plain which has been translated into many languages. Besides his writing activities, he also has several business and also medias.

Facts About Ken Saro Wiwa 3: Working Together With Ibrahim Babangida To Prepare Democratic Regime

The country he was living was on the autonomical state. Ken Saro Wiwa decided to join the River State Cabinet. When he was working on the cabinet, he was very outspoken for Ogoni autonomy. Since then, Ibrahim Babangida saw him and decided to prepare him as one of the members for democratic regime.

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Facts About Ken Saro Wiwa 4: In The End He Resigned From The Federal Appointment

He said that Ibrahim Babangida did’t support his transition plans. In this case, Ken Saro Wiwa thought that what he did was completely different from what they had planned. Unfortunately, he asked to resign from the federal appointment.

Facts About Ken Saro Wiwa 5: He Thought About Being Away From His Personal Success And Decided To Focus On Environmental Activities

He was a very successful man on his young age. Ken worked in several things and all of them were on its success. However, he chose to leave them all and focused on being an environmental activist,

Facts About Ken Saro Wiwa 6: Ken With His Friends Created MOSOP

Ken saw there were many illegal practices in his country and it bothered him. Then, he created a group called MOSOP to oppose all illegal practices in Nigeria. There were common practices such as Royal Dutch Shell Company which against any activists.

Facts About Ken Saro Wiwa 7: MOSOP And Its Members Was Going To Be Killed By The Ogoni Chiefs

It was in 1993 when Saro Wiwa finally got arrested by the Ogoni chiefs. They planned to kill all members of MORSOP because they were assumed as the destroyer of the system practiced.

Facts About Ken Saro Wiwa 8: His Team In MOSOP Planned To Kill The Ogoni Chiefs Too

The members of the team decided to kill the chiefs of Ogoni. However, Ken Saro Wiwa denied the plan.

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 Facts About Ken Saro Wiwa 9: The Government Then Found Him Guilty

It was because his leading activities to stop the illegal practises which was done by the Royal Dutch Shell. They reported MOSOP to the Nigerian government so they could be quiet. However, the activities had been working so far and they finally got arrested.

Facts About Ken Saro Wiwa 10: MOSOP Members Were Finally Hanging At The Hand Of Military Personal From The International Community

10 November 1995, Saro Wiwa and eight other members of MOSOP were hanging by the hand of military personal armies. After they got arrested, they were brought to the courts and were found guilty for their activities.

Long live Sir from our facts about Ken Saro Wiwa!