10 Facts About Kendall Jenner

It’s almost impossible if you don’t know the facts about Kendall Jenner, the famous model from Kadarshian family who attracts the world. So, now we are gonna get closer with the model and see some facts about her.

Facts About Kendall Jenner 1:  Kendall Loves Horseback Riding

Once she told the media that she fell off five times in a row. It was when she was doing house riding with her sister, Kylie. She admitted that she rarely had a good luck for horseback riding.

Facts About Kendall Jenner 2: Chocolate Ice Cream Is Something She Hates The Most

It’s funny when many girls’ dream was stopped from having chocolate ice cream in summer, Kendal doesn’t even like chocolate ice cream. Maybe that’s the secret of her perfect body.

Facts About Kendall Jenner 3: She Told A Lie To Public

One of her delusion, well, a lie that was told to public was about her third story in her house. She told people that in her house she has the house full of jewels and also lions. What?!!

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Facts About Kendall Jenner 4: She Is The Tallest Daughter Among All Kadarshians

She is 5 feet 10 inches. The other members are less than her. So, she got the luck to be a supermodel since she was born. Period.

Facts About Kendall Jenner 5: Her Career Started Very Early

When she was 14, she entered the modelling industry and her first debut modelling was in 2014. She was the former model of Marc Jacobs and the she joined the campaign for Forever 21.

Facts About Kendall Jenner 6: Ryan Gosling Is Her Dream Husband

Gosling always drives her crazy. One of her favorite movies is The Notebook where Ryan Gosling plays a role as the protagonist there. The other movie she loves is Moulin Rouge.

Facts About Kendall Jenner 7: Well, It’s Like Kendal Is Really Typo Or Stupid

It was in a TV Show and the presenter asked her to spell the word “swimming”. What she said was “S-M-I-W-W-I-N-G”, instead of swimming. The people laughed at her like for three days. It was not her first time she had an embarassing moments on stage.

Facts About Kendall Jenner 8: Her Fashion Inspiration Is Miley Cyrus

She said that Miley is her fashion inspiation. Once she said o public that Miley is fearless. What does it mean with fearless? We don’t think so.

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Facts About Kendall Jenner 9: Tyga Is Her Favourite Rapper

Rap music is one of her stuffs, and the rapper she loves is Tyga. He was invited to her 16th birthday party and she was so happy with that. Well, few years later, Tyga was Kylie’s boyfriend. Ooopsss!

Facts About Kendall Jenner 10: Fritos Chili Cheese Chips Is Her Junk Food

This is something we agree, that Fritos chili cheese is the most yummy and tempting chips on earth. Even Kendal loves it!

Well, she is the tallest daughters of Kadarshians. We bet that she was born definitely for modelling. Do you like facts about Kendall Jenner?