10 Facts About Kennedy Space Center

Have you ever read about facts about Kennedy Space Center? If so, you must know more about it or you used to want to be an astronauts. The Kennedy Space Center is located in East Florida. The activities of spaceships happens here everyday. This becomes the facility that covers all the need of the rocket launching and monitoring. Do you wanna know more? Let’s take a look!

Facts About Kennedy Space Center 1: It Is The Place Where Rockets Are Monitored And Launched

Rockets are mainly launched and monitored from this place. One of the famous rockets that has been monitored is Apollo Moon, the other is space shuttle.

Facts About Kennedy Space Center 2:  The Kennedy Space Center Is Also A Place To Educate People About History Of Space

It is well known that Kennedy Space Center is the place for public education in terms of space history. People can come and visit to enjoy the exhibition and get some information about spaceship.

Facts About Kennedy Space Center 3: President Dwight Eisenhower Founded NASA In 1958

Nasa was founded by Dwight Eisenhower which then was announced as the president of NASA. Together with his team, he launched a space center operations in East Florida in 1962.

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Facts About Kennedy Space Center 4: The Space Center Becomes The Path To Land The Moon

After the launching, this space center then becomes the facility of every activities to land the moon. This is the place when America set the team up to the moon.

Facts About Kennedy Space Center 5: The Facility Then Becomes The Place Where Several Important Launching Done

There were several activities that had been launched for example the Hubble Space Telescope, The Mars Rover Project and also New Horizon. All of them brought America to Pluto. At the same time, America became the first team who reached Pluto.

Facts About Kennedy Space Center 6: The Collaboration Between Kennedy Space Center And State of Florida

They had mission and NASA finally made collaboration for processiong experiments. These experiments later on are well known as International Space Station.

Facts About Kennedy Space Center 7: You Can Also Visit The Space Center At The Kennedy Space Center Complex

It is open for public. Occasionally, they also make some activities for kids to try the replica of rockets and also several games related to the history of spaceship.The complex open everyday from 9 am to 5.30 pm and they are close only for Chrostmas and several launch days.

Facts About Kennedy Space Center 8: There Are Several Tours Provided In The Space Center

The Space Center also provides several tours that you can get admitted. The tour is usually two hours long. The first tour starts at 10 am, and continues every 15 minutes.

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Facts About Kennedy Space Center 9: The Cape Canaveral Tour Requires Extra Fee

There is additional tour that you can join. It is called The Cape Canaveral. The tour starts at 2.15 p.m and you need extra fee for this. Usually you need to book the ticket because it sells out quickly.

Facts About Kennedy Space Center 10: The Aim To Open The Space Center For Public Is To Educate People

The Kennedy Space Center decided to open the place for public because they want people understand about the spaceship. Besides, the exhibition is dedicated to enhance people’s understanding in space fight.

Have you booked your ticket after having this facts about Kennedy Space Center?