10 Facts About Kenneth Grahame

For those who love British literature will know the facts about Kenneth Grahame. He is one of the influential and grand writer as well as author in the 19th century. His life was dedicated for writing. There were many tragic experiences happened toward his life, including the tragic death of his disable son and also the shooting tragedy which was done by his bank director. Well, let’s see his works and how his life influenced him so far:

Facts About Kenneth Grahame 1: Setting Of Place Of His Book Was Raised From The Place He Was Raised

For you who knows Kenneth you probably know about his famous book The Wind in the Willowa. The setting of place and the imaginary places he wrote was inspired from the area he used to stay in the past.

Facts About Kenneth Grahame 2: He Was A Secretary In Bank Of England

In 1879, he worked in a Bank of England as a secretary. He got a good career that caused a shooting incident done by the bank director. The tragedy was in 1908 and at that moment, Kenneth ended his career as a secretary.

Facts About Kenneth Grahame 3: His One And Only Son Had A Health Problem All His Life

Kenneth Grahame married to Elspeth Thompson in 1899. From the marriage they had a son, Alastair. Unfortunately, he was born blind and he got health problem all his life. Then when he was 20 his life ended tragically.

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Facts About Kenneth Grahame 4: Kenneth’s Works Were Published In Several Newspapers

When he was 20, Kenneth started writing. He wrote several stories and novels. Most of his works were published in several famous newspapers such as St. James Gazette, The Yellow Book, and the National Observer

Facts About Kenneth Grahame 5: The Olympians Is A Story About Orphaned Children

Kenneth Grahame wrote several short stories about orphaned children entitled The Olympians. Later, the collection of his sort stories were published into one title, The Golden Age.

 Facts About Kenneth Grahame 6: The Wind In The Willows Was Inspired From His Son’s Life

Since his son got health problems and suffered from disability, Kenneth’s writing slowed down. He focused his time to tell bedtime stories to his son which then became the character in The Wind in The Willows.

Facts About Kenneth Grahame 7: The Reluctant Dragon Was Adapted Into A Walt Disney Film

The film was famous for years and later featured on TV.

Facts About Kenneth Grahame 8: The Wind In The Willows Then Has Been Played To Stage, Television And Film

The Wind in the Willows becomes a very big work and it has been adapted into several medias such as for stage, film, and television.

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Facts About Kenneth Grahame 9: Berkshire Is His Last Place To Live

He died at the age of 73 in Berkshire. It became his last place to live after his long struggle with his life.

Facts About Kenneth Grahame 10: After The Wind In The Willows, Dream Days Was The Second short story that has been published worldly

Dream Days was published in 1898 after the success of The Wind In The Willows

Long live Sir Grahame from the facts about Kenneth Grahame.