10 Facts About Kenny Chesney

Country music lovers will understand what the facts about Kenny Chesney are. Yes, as one of the country singers, Kenny Chesney becomes popular recently. So far he has been recording three albums which you can enjoy everyday. So, are you curious? Let’s start!

Facts About Kenny Chesney 1: Kenny Chesney Is Building A Career As A Musician

Recently, you would probably familiar with the name Kenny Chesney. He is one of the musicians who is building career in music. His speciality is a country music. Several songs he has written and published are Hemingway’s Whiskey, Fishbowl, and Life on a Rock.

Facts About Kenny Chesney 2: He Is A Super Clean Guy

Kenny admitted that he needs to take a shower three times everyday. It is because he can’t stand on kind of sticky stuff on his body. He  started his routine when he was new at school and has been on that routine till now.

Facts About Kenny Chesney 3:He Is Not A Kind Of Romantic Guy

Once he was asked to persuade a girl romantically and it was failed. The approach didn’t even work on that girl. Isn’t he look like a romantic guy?

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Facts About Kenny Chesney 4: A Dog Is His Teacher

Once his friend gave him a dog to take care of. However, his friend had other mission which to teach Kenny how to attach to something. Well, Kenny admitted it and it’s true!

Facts About Kenny Chesney 5: Kenny Owns Two Tractors That Still Can’t Make Him A Romantic Guy.

Kenny also admitted that he brought several ladies to enjoy the late night romance but still, unfortunately, didn’t work.

Facts About Kenny Chesney 6:The Secret Diet Of Kenny Is In Carrot Sticks And Egg Whites

His daily menu consists of carrot sticks and egg whites. He drops 40 pounds and to help him to show off his abs. Uh!

Facts About Kenny Chesney 7: Besides His Failed Romantic Attitude, Kenny Is A Warm Hearted Man

He takes care of his employers. There are many people who help his career as a singer so he said he wants to say thanks to them. In the past, he cut off $14.000 just for all his employers. He also bought lotteries for each of the employer and the name who pulled out would take all of the money and gifts.

Facts About Kenny Chesney 8: Sport Substitution From Running To Cycling

Since he knows that running is not good for feet, he then decided to substitute it into cycling. He is really into cycling and he knows that cycling will always refresh his mind after the work.

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Facts About Kenny Chesney 9: Kenny Was Bald And He Admitted

Several fans asked him if he just made controversial issue with his baldy head. However, Kenny aswered them with smile that it’s just because he wanted to be bald but then it bothered him as a country singer.

Facts About Kenny Chesney 10: He Also Plays Coy With CMT

It brought into speculation for the people that he doesn’t like his moniker. Although he said no, but internet and his fans will always say the truth.

Ladies, take your mind away if you hope that Kenny Chester would be romantic to you. That’s the message of this facts about Kenny Chesney.