10 Facts About Kenny G

Facts about Kenny G reveals the secret that the saxophone maestro has. He is the most famous saxophonist in the world. His album has sold 12 million copies and his songs has been played worldwide. Let’s see further about him and his life!

Facts About Kenny G 1: Kenny Learned To Play Saxophone When He Was 10

His real name is Kenny Gorelick. He was born in Seattle where he found his real passion in jazz music. Once he saw The Ed Sullivan Concert and he started to love jazz. Soon after that he learned to play saxophone and enrolled a music program in the school’s jazz.

Facts About Kenny G 2: He Is An Accounting Student In University Of Washington

Have you ever heard that Kenny was enrolled accounting program in University of Washington? He studied accounting before signing a deal with Arista Record. It’s pretty shocking, isn’t it?

Facts About Kenny G 3: Breathless (2012) Sold Out For 12 Million Copies

Well, all of you used to hear the beautiful sound of Kenny G saxophone everywhere. It’s not only on the stage but such as at the department store, elevators, or when you’re on hold with customer service. This album called Breathless and it was announced as the best selling instrumental album as it’s sold for 12 million copies.

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Facts About Kenny G 4: The World Record For Playing The Longest Continuous Note With His Sax

Kenny G is an outstanding saxophonist. He can play many techniques with his saxophone. Once he set the world ecord for playing continuous note with his saxophone and it was the longest.

Facts About Kenny G 5: His Popularity Raises All Over The World Including China

Everyone knows Kenny G. Maybe if you ask someone about the famous saxophonist, they will say Kenny G, like , most of them. In China his popularity also raises. His instrumental music was played as a bell of the school or in the train station. His song entitled “Going Home” which was recorded in 1989 is mostly used in China as the sign to end the activities of certain places.

 Facts About Kenny G 6: The Tragedy In China Which Almost No One Knew

Once Kenny G came to China for a visit. As a tourist he didn’t really know what was happening in the country. He then saw many people did demonstration and he took a photo of it. Later on, he posted it in his media social and many poeple in China were so angry with him. Since Kenny G didn’t know about the thing happened, he said an apology to the people. The demonstration was about the protest to the government and it was a crucial thing.

Facts About Kenny G 7:The Jealousy Towards Troy Polamalu

Troy Polamalu portrays as a Head & Shoulders commercials. Well, there was some news that Kenny G was jealous towards him. Truthfully, he said that he’d rather be in Loreals’.

Facts About Kenny G 8: Kenny G Has A Hilarious Comment Bout Michael Bolton

In an interview, Kenny G said that he didn’t really know what Michael Bolton was doing recently. Then, he continued that Michael Bolton would not cut his hair if he had nice hair like him.

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Facts About Kenny G 9: Kenny G’s Uncle Owns Starbucks

Yes, his uncle owns Starbucks and Kenny was asked if he wanted to try to open one. So, he said as he is a risk taker, he could run one Starbucks. Cool!

Facts About Kenny G 10: Christmas Is The Perfect Time For Listening His Christmas Instrument

Chistmas is the perfect time for him to enjoy Christmas songs. In addition, he enjoys listen to his music without having any ego at all. How is it possible?

Do you want to be the next Kenny G after reading this facts about Kenny G?