10 Facts About Kensington Palace

Did you know several facts about Kensington Palace? This Palace is very old and there are many stories witnessed by the wall inside the palace. Kensington Palace is located in England, known as the place where the King and the Queen live. Now, Kate and William together with their family live there. Surrounded by beautiful gardens, Kensingston Palace is the place you can enjoy while learning British history.

Facts About Kensington Palace 1: Kensington Palace Has Been Used For 300 Years

Since William II and Mary II, Kensington Palace has been using as a home for many Duke and Duchess as well as Prince and Princess. Princess Margaret had apartments here since 1960. This becomes home for Duke and Duchess of Cambridge including Prince Harry and Prince William.

Facts About Kensington Palace 2: The Palace Is Well Known With The Painting Display

There are so many paintings you can find inside. This palace has thousand paintings that has historical value. One of the paintings displayed is the copy of Van Dyck’s potrait of Charles I riding a horse.

Facts About Kensington Palace 3: There Is A Difference Between The King And The Queen Staircase

When you see the King’s staircase, you will see the wall painted by William Kent. Then, take a look on the Queen’s staircase and you will see the difference. In the Queen’s staircase the design is plainer because it has function for Queen Mary to reach her beloved gardens through the door at its foot.

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Facts About Kensington Palace 4: The Palace Design Was Made By Victoria

But she is an amateur artist What she did to design the palace was purely based on her imagination when she was a kid. It’s an amazing truth!

Facts About Kensington Palace 5: Victoria Married Fell In Love With Prince Albert Of Saxe Coburg and Gotha

It was because Victoria’s passion that made them together. Actually Albert was her cousin. One day Victoria amazed with the exterior of Albert and at the same time, Albert was a kind and nice person. She then told this to her incle and after a period of courting they got married.

Facts About Kensington Palace 6: Queen Victoria Spent Her Life In Kensington Palace

Victoria was announced as a Queen when  she was 18. Being prepared as a Queen, her mother taught her strictly. The rules of the palace and also her mother made her lonely. It was an unhappy story to share since her experience with her mother ws quite hurtful. Her mother controlled who she was allowed to meet.

Facts About Kensington Palace 7: The Palace Is The Witness Of Many Gossips And Tragedy

There was George I who was living with his mistress while his wife imprisoned in Germany. The news then broaden more into his relationship with his half sister Sophia Charlotte. Another tragedy was between Queen Anne and her best friend, Sarah, who never speaking again after the bitter argument of Queen Anne.

Facts About Kensington Palace 8: William And Kate Middleton Are Living Here Now

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their family are now living here. The recent family is Kate Middleton and Prince William together with their kids.

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 Facts About Kensington Palace 9: Explore The Stunning Garden Around

If you have a chance to visit Kensington Palace, take your time to discover the gardens. There are plenty beautiful gardens that was designed by Victoria and several Kings in the past. You will enjoy and feel like you are 300 year-old!

Facts About Kensington Palace 10: Discover The Nanny Walk Around Sunken Garden

Yes, there is a path to walk with beautiful scenery that used to be the meeting point for all nannies during 1920 and 1930s.

Let’s book your ticket and follow the instruction from facts about Kensingston Palace.