10 Facts About Kent

Today’s facts about Kent will bring you to this beautiful place to escape. There are several recommendation to visit for you who are planning to visit the place. Besides, there is history provided that will complete your travel time. Let’s have a look!

Facts About Kent 1: The Duke Of Kent Presents The Trophies At Wimbledon

Have you ever heard that The Duke of Kent is the oldest paternal first cousin? The trophies at Wimbledon is presented by him.

Facts About Kent 2: London Folkstone Was The First Place Where The Road Lines Were Painted

It was 100 years ago when the first white road lines were painted in the UK. It took place in London Folkstone road at Ashford.

Facts About Kent 3: The Official City In Kent Is Canterbury

Did you know that Rochster held the status of the city from 1211-1998? That is reason why Canterbury is the official city of Kent.

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Facts About Kent 4: The Center Of English Christianity Is Here

It has been thousand years since Pope Gregory I appointed Augustine as the Archbishop. The year reported is in 597. Since then Canterbury became the center of English Christianity.

 Facts About Kent 5: Channel Tunnel Is The Nominal Border Between Two Places

Kent and French Department called Pas-de-Calais has their border. It is also the mid point between two of them. The border’s name is Channel Tunnel.

Facts About Kent 6: ‘Cantus’ Is The Original Name Of Kent

The original name of Kent is ‘Cantus’ which is the ancient Celtic word. The word has a meaning ‘border’.

Facts About Kent 7: Cantium Is The Home Of One Of Tribes In Kent

Have you ever known about Cantiaci tribe. This tribe did exist in Kent. Julius Caesar said that Cantiaci tribe live in Cantium and he said that the place was the home of the tribe.

Facts About Kent 8: Julius Caesar Has His Proud Quote That The World Should Know

Julius Caesar made a quote about Kent in the past. Since it belongs to Canterbury, Julius Caesar wrote it proudly. The quote says,“Of all the British tribes, by far the most civilised are they who dwell in Kent.” (Julius Caesar, De Bello Gallico

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Facts About Kent 9: Hazelnut Paradise Is Definetely Here!

If you come to visit UK and you are a fan of Hazelnut, you can come to Kent and you will see the paradise of hazelnut. Kent is the main growing area for hazelnut. It is said that Kent becomes the main source land of hazelnut in the UK.

Facts About Kent 10: The First Languange Is French And English Is The Second Langunage Spoken

It is common thing that Kent and the people speak French fluently instead of English. Some people speak the traditional language of Kent. English is used for formal language that is rarely used for daily speaking language.

So, are you read to escape with facts about Kent?