10 Facts About Kentucky Derby

Let’s see our interesting facts about Kentucky Derby. Have you ever heard about the biggest horserace in the world? It is Kentucky Derby. It is not only interesting but also unique from both visitors and also the jockeys. Here we listed for you!

Facts About Kentucky Derby 1: The Greatest Horserace On Earth

At the 140th of Kentucky Derby, people will come and enjoy the horserace where the women who are at the horseback wear the most fashionable costume. They will wear hand crafted hats and the will consume barrels of bourbon during the competition. “

Facts About Kentucky Derby 2: Fresh Mint Juleps For Kentucky Derby!

You have to try this! Annually, there is about 120.000 mint juleps are consumed. The people at Churchill Down usually consume this. For the Derby, they have their official drink made from Kentucky bourbon, syrup, crushed ice, power sugar and also mint! Yummy!

Facts About Kentucky Derby 3: Secretariat Is Claimed As The Fastest Horse At The Race

In 1973, Secretariat finished 1,25 mile distance about 1:59.40. This is the history of the fastest horse ever. The other horses crossed the race mostly more than two minutes.

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Facts About Kentucky Derby 4: Horses With Name Began With “S” Usually Win The Race

It’s called the magic of “S”. There are in total 19 horses won the race in Kentucky Derby. This year the horse named “Samraat” won the race again! What is happening with “S”?

Facts About Kentucky Derby 5: 2012 Was The Highest Wagering Record For Derby

It was $187 million of wagering in 2012. However in 2011, the cost was a little bit cheaper which was $165 million

Facts About Kentucky Derby 6: “Run For The Roses” Is The Theme For Each Year Derby

Every year more than 400 roses are drop for the winner. The roses usually crefted as rose blankets. That is the reason they usually say “ Run for the roses” to the people who compete in the event.

Facts About Kentucky Derby 7: Ansel Williamson Was The Trainer Of Derby’s First Winning

The data is taken from ESPN, that Ansel Williamson, an African American was a former slave. He trained the horse, Aristides,  and it became the winner for the Derby in 1875.

Facts About Kentucky Derby 8:Diane Crump Is Announced As The First Woman Rider In The Derby

1970 was the year for Diane Crump, the first woman who was accepted to ride the horse. The following year, Shelley riley as the horse trainer, won the race. She and her horse came in the second place.

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Facts About Kentucky Derby 9: The Smallest Field For Horse Race Was In 1892

There were only three horses ran in the race. This made a history of smallest field in the race due to Derby history.

Facts About Kentucky Derby 10: There Are The Youngest And The Oldest Horse Racers According To Derby’s History

The youngest rider is Alonsi Lonnie Clayton. He was only 15 year-old when he joined and won the race. He won the race in 1892. While the oldest racer was Willie Shoemaker. He was 54 year-old man who won the race in 1986.

What do you think about our facts about Kentucky Derby?