10 Facts About Kentucky

Have you ever heard about Kentucky and facts about Kentucky? Today we are gonna prepare some menu that might be useful for your knowledge before travelling there. Let’s have a look!

Facts About Kentucky 1: There Was A Mystery About Honest Dick Tate

It was in 888 when there was a Kentucky treasures for about $247 and fled the state. At that moment it was alot of money and since then he was never arrested since his existence was a mystery.

Facts About Kentucky 2: Myra Geeno Organized Troops Before Boy Scouts

She organised troops in 1910 where there were 15 boys . She taught them how to hike and camp. Soon after that, the Boy Scouts came up and people know this as a America Headquarters in 2002.

Facts About Kentucky 3: Fleming County As A Covered Bridges

Have you ever heard about Fleming County? This is recognised as the covered bridge in the capital of Kentucky. There ae actually more than 300 covered bridges but now there are only 13 left.

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Facts About Kentucky 4: Middlesboro Built From 42 Tons Bituminous Coal

If you want to see this you have to go to a giant crater. It is also home of the “Coal House”. All of them was built from 42 tons bituminous coal.

Facts About Kentucky 5: Offutt-Cole Tavern Is A Recommended Place To Visit

This is one of the beautiful places on Kentucky. The tavern at the intersection of Old Frankfurt Pike is the place where Zeralda James was born.

Facts About Kentucky 6: Bourbon For Fuel In The History

Mickey Nelson is a Kentucky man who discovered Motor car runs with Bourbon. The discovery then made him famous for decades. It was a sophisticated invention regarding the year.

 Facts About Kentucky 7: Cruising Couch From Tim Francis Of Lexington

He is one of a kind. Since he loves his couch so much, he affixes his coffee table to a golf cart frame and brought it to ride around.

Facts About Kentucky 8: Many Waterways Can Be Found Here

This state has plenty of waterways compared with other states. When you come to Kentucky, you wil see how easy you navigate the waterways.

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Facts About Kentucky 9: National Quilt Museum Is Other Tourist Attraction That You Can Enjoy

In this place you can see the national quilt show. The National Museum makes its home in Paducah. The show can be enjoyed annually and usually tikets sells out.

Facts About Kentucky 10: Covington’s Cathedral Basilica Of The Assumptionis  World’s Largest Hand Blow Stained Glass Window

This is a church that can blow your mind. When you come inside the church you will see many breathtaking shimmering stained glass window in total 82 works of art.

Let’s prepare your passport to come over Kentucky after reading this facts about Kentucky!