10 Facts About Kepler 186f

Another science discovery will be revealed in our facts about Kepler 186f. This planet has been discovered recently and it is claimed can be the place for living after Earth. Hmm.  Let’s see what the scientist said here:

Facts About Kepler 186f 1: Kepler 186f Is Said As The “Earth’s Cousin”

A newly discovered planet nicknamed “Earth’s cousin” has just been found 490 light-years from Earth.

Facts About Kepler 186f 2: It Is The First Earth Size Planet That Has Been Found

Kepler 186f is the earth size planet that has been found recently. The planet is also in the habitable zone of its star. Kepler 186f is also the closest planet to earth.

Facts About Kepler 186f 3: The Astronomer Geoff Marcy Found It Historically Earh Size Planet

Geoff Marcy the astronomer from Berkeley said that finding Kepler 182f is kind of historic discobery. He claimed that the discovery found that Kepler is a habitable zone around star.

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Facts About Kepler 186f 4: Different From Kepler 22b, Kepler 186f Is Definitely In The Habitable Zone Around Its Star

It means that the planet can thrive life. Different from Kepler 22b, which is still the candidate of habitable xone around its star, Kepler 186f is definitely around the zone. Besides, it has the same characteristics like the earth and the planet can keep water in liquid form on the surface.

Facts About Kepler 186f 5: Since Its Larger Than Earth, The Planet Has Thicker Atmosphere

The statement said by Stephen Kane, the astronomer from San Fransisco State University. Since the planet has larger size, the atmosphere is also thicker than the earth. Hmm.. Let’s see if the planet can be the substitution of the earth.

Facts About Kepler 186f 6: Earth-Sized Doesn’t Mean Earth-Like

To support life, a planet should be an Earth-like. Kepler 186f has several similarities to Earth especially in it’s size. However, the surface and also the existance of the atmosphere is different.

Facts About Kepler 186f 7: Kepler-186f Is Located About 490 Light-Years From Earth

It is one of five planets that has been found  in the extrasolar system. The newly report said that Kepler 186f has 490 light years from earth. To orbit its red dwarf star, it takes about 130 days.

Facts About Kepler 186f 8: The Four Planets Are Not In The “Goldilock Zone”

There are five planets that orbit the star, however four of them do not orbit in the “Goldilock Zone.”

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Facts About Kepler 186f 9: There Are Four Planets That Whiz Around The Sun

The four companion planets such as Kepler-186b, Kepler-186c, Kepler-186d and Kepler-186e whiz around their sun and definitely make them too hot for living.

Well, maybe you can help NASA to discover the facts about Kepler 186f!