10 Facts About Kepler 22b

Are you interested in facts about Kepler 22b? With our astronomy theme, we want to show you several facts that can be useful to broaden our knowledge. Kepler 22b is the planet that is almost in the habitable zone on its star. However, several issues and statements are unsure about this planet. So, let’s see what happens in our list!

Facts About Kepler 22b 1: It Is The First Extrasolar Planet

Kepler-22b is announced as the first extra solar planet. The Kepler space telescope was founded in the habitable zone of its star

Facts About Kepler 22b 2: The Size Of Kepler 22b Is 2,4 Times Diameter Larger Than The Earth

In 2011, the scientist announced that Kepler has the diameter larger than the Earth. The exact data said that the measurement is 2,4 times larger. The average temperature is 22 degrees celcius.

Facts About Kepler 22b 3:In 2011 Kepler Is Appointed As The Set Of Habitable Planet Candidates

NASA announced in 2011 that Kepler 22b is the candidate of habitabe planet. They found it through the Telescope Space of Kepler which looked for alien worlds to measuring dips.

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Facts About Kepler 22b 4: Although It’s Larger Than Earth, But It Has Similar Orbit To Earth

Yes, Kepler 22b is slightly larger than the earth, however the orbit is similar to earth which is 365 days. Not only that, the planet also orbits the G-star class such as sun.

Facts About Kepler 22b 5: NASA Did Twice Discoveries Towards The Existence Of The Planet

It needs normally twice discoveries to proof if particular planets exist. Regarding Kepler 22b, NASA has done twice discoveries and they confirmed that the planet exists.

Facts About Kepler 22b 6: Kepler Unable To Host Human Life

Although it has similar textures like earth, but the surface iof Kepler is rocky and there are many large oceans. It will be difficult since the lands are not as many as the earth.

Facts About Kepler 22b 7: However, Recently, There Are System Satelites That Support Life

The last year, American Astronomical Society proved that Kepler 22 b can host a living. They said that there are system satellites that support it.

Facts About Kepler 22b 8: Well, The Exact Data Is Still On Progress That Kepler Can Host A Life

All the data is still on process. So, all of the statements are still assumptions. Besides, the sure thing is that Kepler 22b has been listed as the habitable planet in Exoplanets Catalog.

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Facts About Kepler 22b 9: It Is Also An Optimistic Habitable Planets

The word optimistic means that Kepler still becomes the habitable planet. NASA has been thinking about the solution to make Kepler as the planet for living.

Facts About Kepler 22b 10: The Kepler Space Telescope Has Been Examined To Proof The Truth

The telescope is still operational by 2016. NASA still examines the archives of the space telescope for the possibility of all data.

Well, that’s all for you about the facts about Kepler 22b.