10 Facts About Kerala

Are you ready for this facts about Kerala? Well, we decided to refresh your mind in this winter time by giving you some information to escape to this one of tropical countries. Kerala is one of the states in India that has many beautiful sceneries which many tourists dream about. The geographic formation becomes the attractive point for keeping tourists come to visit this place. If you have been thinking about escaping this winter time, you can figure it out and start to see these facts below:

Facts About Kerala 1: Have You Ever Been In Paradise? Try To Have A Visit Kerala

Kerala takes place in the southern state of India. The beauty of nature and the unique set of geographic characteristics, makes this place looks like paradise.

Facts About Kerala 2: Escape Your Winter Time Here

Winter is the most horrible time for mostly Western people. Often they come to Asia to enjoy the heat of the sun. It’s getting clearer now that Kerala will be the most visited place for tourist since the stunning scenery served. Do you what you will have? There are plenty of waterfalls, grennery, hills, mountains, forests and sun kissed beaches. Sounds fantastic!

Facts About Kerala 3: It Is Known As “Land Of Coconuts”

There is a native language that is spoken by the people who live in this area. Malayalam is the native language which still exists until today. Kerala has its meaning in Malayalam as the “Land of coconuts.”

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Facts About Kerala 4: Ayurveda Is The Common Medicine In Kerala

Have you ever known about the traditional medicine method called Ayurveda? This is the old and traditional medicine that used to be famous in the past in India. However, nowadays people are more interested to go to a hospital for healing. It’s only in Kerala where you can find Ayurvedic medical colleges and hospitals.

Facts About Kerala 5: The Nature Is Mindblowing

Kerala has its unique geographic formation. There are plenty backwaters that are running across the state. If you could fly, you could see clearly the borders that limit the waters. Rice paddies, coconut trees and green foliage are the typical border you can find in Kerala

Facts About Kerala 6: The Literacy Rate In Kerala Is Almost 100%

The fact proves that Kerala has the highest literacy rates in most of India states. It is also proven that Kerala is the first state in India which has this highest literacy rates.

Facts About Kerala 7: Besides The Literacy Rates, Female To Male Sex Ratio Is Also High

It’s actually the highest female to male sex ration in India.

Facts About Kerala 8: Elephant Is The Sacred Animal In Kerala

When you visit Kerala, you will see many elephants especially Asian elephants very commonly. It is because in Kerala, elephant is the sacred animal and it has been knowing since ancient time that elephant has spiritual relation with Kerala’s culture.

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Facts About Kerala 9: Another Highest Rank You Can Find In Kerala Is The Life Expectancy

Different from other states of India, the life expectancy in Kerala is the highest among India. This statement are proved by the Infographic. According to them, it is because the geographic and literacy reasons why Kerala has the highest expectancy rate. Are you ready to move to this place?

Facts About Kerala 10:  The Most Attractive Thing In Kerala Is The Backwaters

As we mentioned before, that Kerala has plenty backwaters you can enjoy. Not only the backwaters, but the scenery around is also interesting and relaxing. There are many tourists come to visit this natural place. With rice paddies as the borders, you can definitely relax your mind and soul.

So, ready to pack up your summer clothes from facts about Kerala?