10 Facts about the Kabali Movie

This time we’re going to discuss 10 facts about the Kabali movie, an Indian film produced in 2016. Kabali was highly anticipated throughout the entire country before it was finally released on July 22nd 2016. Without further ado, here are our 10 facts about Kabali movie.

Facts about the Kabali Movie 1: It’s one of the most successful Tamil movies ever made

After release, Kabali became the second highest grossing Tamil movie in history. It gained approximately 250 million rupees on its first day of release, screening on 3200 theaters across India.

Facts about the Kabali Movie 2: It’s directed by Pa. Ranjith

Pa. Ranjith is an Indian director who made his debut in the film industry with the romantic comedy Attakathi back in 2012. He has only made two other movies since then, namely Madras (2014) and Kabali (2016). All three movies are made in the Tamil language.

Facts about the Kabali Movie 3: It was also released world-wide

Besides India, Kabali was also released in around 8,000-10,000 theaters across the globe, including those in Nigeria, Holland, Denmark, United States, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, South Africa, and also Malaysia.

Kabali Theater Poster

Kabali Theater Poster

Facts about the Kabali Movie 4: It was dubbed into various languages

The language used in Kabali was originally Tamil, but due to high demand it was dubbed into Hindi, Telugu and also Malay to accommodate its enthusiastic audience.

Facts about the Kabali Movie 5: Its teaser trailer is one of the most famous in Asia

The trailer, released in April 2016, gained more than 5 million views in less than 24 hours Рmaking it one of the most popular movie teasers in Asia.  By the end of August it had gained at least 38 million views.

Facts about the Kabali Movie 6: It’s starred by one of the most famous Tamil actors

Rajinikanth, or originally born as Shivaji Rao Gaekwad, is one of India’s most widely known and accomplished Tamil actors. He has recieved several civilian awards from the government of India to appreciate his significant contribution to the Tamil movie industry.

Rajinikanth in 2014

Rajinikanth in 2014

Facts about the Kabali Movie 7: It gained US$46 million worldwide within 10 days of release

Despite recieving mixed reviews, the movie was actually extremely financially profitable. It also recieved the most nett income on the opening day for an Indian film.

Facts about the Kabali Movie 8: It had an issue with online piracy

Pirated copies of the movie were spread through the darknet only several days prior to the release but it was quickly handled by the authority.

Facts about the Kabali Movie 9: It was advertised on the body of an airplane

Kabali was official partners with AirAsia India, and cleverly used one of their Airbus A320’s to advertise the movie. You can see how the poster was wrapped around the airplane’s body in the image below.

Kabali Advertisement On Airplane

Kabali Advertisement On Airplane

Facts about the Kabali Movie 10: Ranjith has a plan to make a sequel

The director had stated his wishes to make a sequel to the movie due to high success it achieved and this was also supported by the statements of S. Thanu, the movie’s producer.

There you have it. Ten facts about the Kabali movie, one of India’s most successful Indian movies; have you watched it yet?