10 Fun Facts About Kakapo

10 fun facts about Kakapo will give you the information that this little bird does exist. Kakapo is a type of bird that is not like bird. Is it interesting? So, this moment we will give you the fun information about Kakapo, the little and oldest bird on earth. Due to its existence, Kakapo now has been saved by the government in New Zealand. To know more about Kakapo, here we go our 10 fun facts about Kakapo:

Fun Facts About Kakapo 1: Kakapo Is A Flightless Bird

Unlike a normal bird, Kakapo does not have ability to fly. It is usually on the ground. Kakapo is a small bird that is not closely related to parrot, although it has different characteristics. It can’t fly but usually it goes down like parachute from the tree.


Fun Facts About Kakapo 2: New Zealand Is Its Home

The history said that Kakapo had been found hundred years ago in New Zealand. In the past, you could find Kakapo everywhere. However, the Polynesian rats ate them and made the existence of Kakapo decreased.

Fun Facts About Kakapo 3: It Doesn’t Have Defense Mechanism

When you see other animals have their own defense mechanism to fight with the predators, Kakapo doesn’t have one. It makes Kakapo quite difficult when they face predators.

Fun Facts About Kakapo 4: It Is A Type Of Night Animal

It is categorized as night animal. Just like an owl, Kakapo loves to enjoy the night!

Fun Facts About Kakapo 5: An Endangered Species of Parrot-Like

The existence of Kakapo is now decreasing. The problem in the past was other mammals used to eat Kakapo, such as Polynesian rats. It happened when humans need Kakapo to make accessories. In the past, people looked for Kakapo to use its feathers to make pillows. The rest they used it to make women’s accessories. The existence of Kakapo is only 67 left. The government takes an action to move them all to New Zealand where there are no more predators such as Polynesian rats.

Fun Facts About Kakapo 6: It Is A Bird Which Has Been Living Since Hundreds Year Ago

Kakapo has been living since 150 years ago. Most of them lived in different places. It is categorized as the oldest bird on earth.


Fun Facts About Kakapo 7: People Called It As A Helpless Bird

If you imagine that Kakapo can fly, you are absolutely wrong. It is a bird that has wings too, but it doesn’t have ability to fly. The wings are used to keep its balance together with its small legs. It’s a poor bird!

Fun Facts About Kakapo 8: New Zealand Keep Them Save With The Conservation

New Zealand government which concerns on saving the animals then makes special regulations to save this bird. They build special conservatory for Kakapo.

Fun Facts About Kakapo 9: Kakapo Has Its Origin Came From Maoris

The name Kakapo comes from Maori which means “night parrot”. It also has its scientific name which is Strigops habroptilus. It has meaning of “owl like”.


Fun Facts About Kakapo 10: It Is The Heaviest Bird On Earth

With its weight 3,5 kilograms, Kakapo becomes the heaviest bird on earth. It has long up to 60 cm. Kakapo can’t fly, but it can climb the tree. Mostly it lives on the ground.

What do you think about Kakapo? If you come to New Zealand, you can see this bird in the conservation. We would love to hear other fun facts of Kakapo from you!