10 Fun Facts About Kangaroos

For you who have been in Australia, these 10 facts about kangaroos can give information that you didn’t know about kangaroos. As one of the animals that is well known in Australia, kangaroos are well known as one of the fastest animals in the world, well, probably the only big animal. We provide the facts that you’ve never known before about this national symbol of Australia. Enjoy it!

Facts About Kangaroos 1: Kangaroos Are Typical Animal of Australia

Type Australia in your search engine and you will see kangaroos appear more than the places to visit. Kangaroos live in Australia and they are the typical animal in Australia.

Facts About Kangaroos 2: There Are Four Types of Kangaroos

Mainly, there are only four types of kangaroos. They are red kangaroos, western grey kangaroos, eastern gray kangaroos, and antilopine kangaroos. Take a look of each of them, you would love them!


Facts About Kangaroos 3: Joey Is A Name Of Baby Kangaroo

Joey is a cute name for baby kangaroos, as cute as its form when they first see the world. They look like a little mouse mixed with hamster and cat. When Joey is afraid, it will jump directly to its mother pocket.

Facts About Kangaroos 4: The Only Big Animal That Use Hopping For Its Locomotion

Think about one big animal that moves by jumping. We guess that the first thing you imagine is kangaroo. Kangaroos move their body by jumping. This is the first method they move from one place to another. They can jump farther than horse’s races.

Facts About Kangaroos 5: The Population of Kangaroos Is Larger Than Humans in Australia

It is said that the population of kangaroos in Australia is bigger than human. They live solitary in a big land.

Facts About Kangaroos 6: Female Kangaroo Can Recognize The Sex of Its Family

Female kangaroos have a good instinct. They can determine the sex of its family immediately, using their instinct.


Facts About Kangaroos 7: It Has Great Hearing Sensitivity

When you see a kangaroo moves its ears to different directions and the head stands still, it means that they turn their radar on. This aims to hear the sound from the predators.

Facts About Kangaroos 8: An Australian National Symbol

For you who have been in Australia and you decide to buy souvenirs, you will find many kangaroos pictures or symbols in every souvenir. As it is a national symbol, kangaroos can be found in coins, postcard, or even stamp.

Facts About Kangaroos 9: They Swim By Hopping In The Water

Their ability to hop is used as well when they travel from canal to watery place. Swimming means hopping in the water. This action doesn’t reduce their speed; they hop like they are on land.


Facts About Kangaroos 10: They Are Faster Than Horse

As it has particular speed which is 65km/h, kangaroos is one of the fastest animals in the world. Once they leap, they can reach 7 meters far.

So, now, do you know why do people love kangaroos? They are innocent animals who live happily in the big land of Australia. We also love kangaroos as you do after making research for writing this facts about kangaroos.