10 Fun Facts About Kansas City

The hidden beauty in the United States will be shown in facts about Kansas City. When you see a movie which has cowboys and bars in it. you will end up guessing that the setting of place is in Kansas. Well, it could be. As Kansas sometimes is called a yellow land, but the middle part of it is a very nice city to explore. Whenever you have time, there are always things that makes your visit becomes special. This moment we are going to take a look what Kansas city has to discover.

Facts About Kansas City 1: The City of Thousand Fountains

Kansas city is well known with its fountain. People called it a city with thousand fountains. Actually there are more than 250 fountains you can find in this area.

Facts About Kansas City 2: Harry S. Truman was born in Kansas City

Have you ever known about the 33rd President of America? Kansas city is his birthplace and he lived here before his political career.


Facts About Kansas City 3: The Fastest and Tallest Roller Coaster Was Built in The Amusement Park

Verruckt is the tallest roller coaster in the world. It is higher than Niagara Falls. You can try to slide down through it and you will end in the waterpark in Kansas City.

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Facts About Kansas City 4: The Second Largest Rail Center

Kansas city is considered with its good transportation system. They have good qualities in rail system. Public transportation is one of their concerns.

Facts About Kansas City 5: The City Is Considered As A Mild Weather Area

Unlike the other areas in the United State, Kansas city has a perfect weather to live. It’s warmer than the other places in the US.

Facts About Kansas City 6: The Best Barbecue In The World!

It’s impossible if you come to Kansas but you don’t try the barbecues! They have the best barbecue and steak in the world.


Facts About Kansas City 7: Theater Is One Of The Biggest Offer In Art

Kansas is strongly appreciated with the art performances. The government supports the city by giving spaces for theater and other performing arts.

Facts About Kansas City 8: The Best In Land Trade

The city has richness in farming. Most of the local products are distributed to other countries. That’s why they have the best award for land trade.

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Facts About Kansas City 9: The City of Jazz

In the past there were so many people living in Kansas city and spent the nights at the bar. The black people usually performed in the bar every night with their jazz music.


Facts About Kansas City 10: Jesse James Was Also Born Here

If you read a story about James Young Gangster, you will definitely know Kansas city. This city is the place where the gangster born. Young Jesse robbed the offices and also many banks during the Civil War to protest against the government. However, their robberies were given to the poor and people who ere suffering for illness.

Unlike other American states, Kansas city is very unique. With its city, culture, and also the people, it’s worth to discover. Are you ready after reading the facts about Kansas City?