10 Fun Facts About Keith Haring

Have you ever heard of facts about Keith Haring? He is a 20th century pop artist that had passed away several years ago. Now, we are going to remember his big contribution to New York city, New York. Check them out!

Facts About Keith Haring 1: Haring Is Not A Native New Yorker

He contributed alot to the New York art scene and people thought that he was a native New Yorker. He was born in Reading, Philladephia and he raised together with his family in Kutztown.

Facts About Keith Haring 2: His Dream Was Become An Artist In France

His dream came true. The exhibition of his works were installed at the at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (MAM) now through August.

Facts About Keith Haring 3: He Was A Jesus Freak

Young keith haring was doubting the history about jesus. He tried to convince people by making art exhibitions and producing leaflets that the people who believed in Jesus needed to be reborn.

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Facts About Keith Haring 4: Haring Loved Collages Of Davy Jones

He made it by himself. He used to buy teen magazines and cut out all of the pictures of Davy Jones and made them as collages.

Facts About Keith Haring 5: His Favourite Band Is The Grateful Dead

As a teenager, Keith Haring kept his journal written full of this band. Not only that, Keith was also following the style and the life of The Grateful.

Facts About Keith Haring 6: Take A Look At The Shop Where Keith Haring Bought His Supplies

It’s Pearl Paint, the shop supplies for all artist and as well Keith Haring before he died. The shop has an awesme designs and it has a complete supplies for you who love painting.

Facts About Keith Haring 7: Keith Was One Of The Artist Who Built His Career Through Art

Not so many people understand this. There are many artists nowadays who don’t have the real passion in art and they try to be an artists. Different from the youth nowadays, Keith Haring had his passion since he was 10.

Facts About Keith Haring 8: Social Activists Gave Honor To Keith Haring

His major contribution in por art scene in New York was appreciated by many social activist. The passion and the dream he brought stunned many people in the world.

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Facts About Keith Haring 9: Haring Causal Of Death Was Because AIDS

The short life he had also portrayed by his two serious lovers. They are Juan Dubose and Juan Rivera. Unfortunately, his life was too short since he suffered from AIDS.

Facts About Keith Haring 10: The Corner Wall In Houston And Bowery Was Made By Haring

Haring and his lover Juan Dubose created a cultural landmark in 1982. They painted the wall in the corner. Now, people come and paint there as the cultural and art spirit brought by the artist and creator.

Art is one of the expression towards our life. Through art, Keith Haring brought the spirit of dream and love the humanity. It’s now your turn to fill our facts about Keith Haring.