10 Important Facts About Kenya

Our facts about Kenya will blow your mind today. Kenya is known as the poor country, but behind it you can find many beautiful scenery that you can enjoy. The people are also proud of their tribes and traditions. It makes Kenya beautiful and unique. Here are the lists you can enjoy!

Facts About Kenya 1: Swahili Is Kenya’s Official Language

The Republic Kenya has its official language, which is Swahili. There is also original name of Kenya in Swahili that is called ‘Jamhuri y Kenya’.

Facts About Kenya 2: Mount Kenya Is The Derived Name Of The Country

It is the highest mountain peak in Africa; Mount Kenya. This mountain becomes the inspiration for naming the Republic and it came into Republic Kenya.

Facts About Kenya 3: There Are Five Borders That Surrounds Kenya

Kenya lies on the equator in East Africa. It makes this country shares the border with five countries which are Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia.

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Facts About Kenya 4: Nairobi Is The Capital City Of Kenya

The capital was founded in 1899. Nairobi becomes the largest city in Kenya and also among the cities in Africa.

Facts About Kenya 5: Kenya Is Considered As The Original Birthplace Of Human

The scientist discovered that Kenya dates to the Palaeolithic period. It is the period where the first human existance in the world. Then, the scientist appointed that Kenya becomes the first place where the humans existed.

Facts About Kenya 6: Kenya Has Gifted With Fertile Plateau

The southern region of Kenya has its most succesful agricultural production areas in Africa. While the western regions surrounded by plateau and it has fertile soils that is good for growing things.

Facts About Kenya 7: Kenya Also Has The Second Largest Lake In The World

Did you know Lake Victoria? Yes, it is in the Southwest of Kenya. Victoria lake has the second largest lake with freshwater on it. Besides, the lake is also the second world tropical lake in the world. Isn’t it interesting?

Facts About Kenya 8: Education Comes The Second After Working In The Field

The education in Kenya doesnt cost much. It has cheaper cost for education and mostly many people can afford it. However, they have their priorities to help family in the field and nurturing cattle over education.

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Facts About Kenya 9: Let’s Find Some Music And Storytelling Exist For Centuries In Kenya

Yes, Kenya’s tribes has their own musics and story tellings. It’s interesting and Kenya is rich with that. The musics are folk musics that are unique and many people can dance with that. Wohooo!

 Facts About Kenya 10: Cultures And Traditions Are The Main Issues In Kenya

Kenya has cultures and traditions and they are proud of it. The people love to take care of the traditions and culture. It doesn’t mean that Kenya is a barbar country but we can learn how to take care and being proud of our traditions and cultures.

Are you ready to pack up your bag with facts about Kenya?