10 Interesting Facts About Kaleidoscopes

Have you ever read about 10 interesting facts about Kaleidoscopes? This time we will discuss about this simple yet beautiful technology. Some people used kaleidoscopes for kids. For example in Montessori system, they often use kaleidoscopes for teaching kids. In other fields, kaleidoscopes are used for many reasons. It has several functions that we didn’t know. Below are the 10 interesting facts about kaleidoscopes.

Facts About Kaleidoscopes 1: It Is an Optical Technology

The basic materials for making kaleidoscopes are mirrors and light. With several additional materials, kaleidoscopes work beautifully to reflect the objects.

Facts About Kaleidoscopes 2: It Was Invented By Scottish Physicist

Sir David Brewster was the inventor of Kaleidoscopes. In 1816 he found the idea to make the tiny telescope. His idea actually came from the telescope he had used to the see the stars.


Facts About Kaleidoscopes 3: The Form Is Usually V Form Or Triangle

It is made from two or more optics or mirrors that later reflect the objects inside. Because of its shape of more mirrors, the reflection of the objects is usually V form or triangle.

Facts About Kaleidoscopes 4: Kaleidoscopes Is More Than A Toy For Kids

As we usually see, Kaleidoscopes are well known among kid’s toy. However, the function is more than a kid’s toy. It has been used in several fields in the world, especially fields that are related to reflection of particular objects.

Facts About Kaleidoscopes 5: It Has Mirrors As The Main Optical System

The main optical system in Kaleidoscopes is the mirrors. Usually Kaleidoscopes contain more than two mirrors. The aim is to reflect the objects inside the tube into many different forms.

Facts About Kaleidoscopes 6: The Origin of The Word Comes From Greek

It comes from Greek which are kalos, eidos, and skopios that means beautiful form.


Facts About Kaleidoscopes 7: Materials To Use Are Raw

Some materials that are used to make kaleidoscopes are raw. Generally, pebbles, and colorful stones will reflect good colorful forms.

Facts About Kaleidoscopes 8: You Can See The Pattern In Modern Arts

Nowadays, we see many forms of Kaleidoscopes in art. The artist use the concept of reflection in Kaleidoscopes and turn it into an artwork.

Facts About Kaleidoscopes 9: Kaleidoskopes Are Often Used In Psychology

If you read about the psychology of color, the concept they use to explain comes from Kaleidoscopes. It’s beautiful with the colorful paintings.


Facts About Kaleidoscopes 10: The Beautiful Forms Attract The Kids Most of The Time

Kids are mostly attracted with the beautiful magic form of Kaleidoscopes. The light and the mirror will bring the reflection into different from. I think adults will love to have it too!

You can try to make your own Kaleidoscopes with the materials you have at home. The raw materials we mentioned above can be used as your references from interesting facts about Kaleidoscopes.