10 Interesting Facts About Kalimantan

These 10 interesting facts about Kalimantan will show you about one of the paradises in Indonesia. Kalimantan is not as well-known as Bali. Most people know Bali instead of Indonesia (and they don’t know that Bali is the part of Indonesia). There are thousands undiscovered beautiful islands in Indonesia that the world does not know. This time we will give you the information of the 10 interesting facts of Kalimantan:

Facts About Kalimantan 1: One of Indonesia’s Beautiful Islands

Situated in the northern part of Indonesia, Kalimantan has its richness in natural resources as well as the cultures. The island is surrounded by Chinese Sea and also close to Malaysia. For Indonesians, Kalimantan is one of the best destinations to escape from tiring life.

Facts About Kalimantan 2: We Called It Borneo

In the past, Kalimantan was called Borneo Island. It’s brought by the Dutch colonization. Nowadays, western people often hear about Borneo instead of Kalimantan.


Facts About Kalimantan 3: It Is Shared with Malaysian State

The northern part of Kalimantan is shared with Malaysia. They are Sabah and Serawak and also Brunei Darussalam.

Facts About Kalimantan 4: The Island Is Surrounded By Mountains And The Sea

With its richness in natural sources, Kalimantan is surrounded by nature. You can find many things here, such as rain forests, rivers, mountains, and of course beaches. The tallest mountain in Kalimantan is called Kinabalu.

Facts About Kalimantan 5: Dayak Is One of The Island’s Tribe

Indonesia has many tribes and traditions in every island. Dayak is one of the well-known tribes in this island. They are well known for ancient rituals. If you never believe in magic and black magic, you can come to Dayak’s area and you will see plenty of magic things. Hmm, it is between scary and interesting.

Facts About Kalimantan 6: The Beauty from Nature Seen from the Forest and the Naked Beaches

As mentioned before, the beauty of Kalimantan can be seen from its nature. There are plenty of rain forests and also naked beaches here. Local tourists usually go to the beaches as they have clear blue beaches surrounded by green areas.


Facts About Kalimantan 7: Endangered Orang Utans Are Living Here

Have you ever heard of orang utans? They are one of monkey species that has been living in Indonesia for decades. The existence is now decreasing since the deforestation that has been done by irresponsible groups. They burned the palm forest in Kalimantan and since then, hundreds of orang utans found dead. Tanjung Puting National Park is now their home.

 Facts About Kalimantan 8: Manasai The Joyful Dance

With its tradition and culture, Kalimantan people believe that dance is one of the rituals that can bring particular effects in their life. Manasai is one of the dances that has been living in Kalimantan’s people spirit. It represents joy to the universe and to the luck brought by nature.

Facts About Kalimantan 9: The Second World Largest Island

In Indonesia, Kalimantan is one of the five largest islands. It is 287.001 m2 area which most of the areas are green forest and sea.


Facts About Kalimantan 10: Derawan Is Kalimantan’s Paradise

Derawan is one of the little islands in Kalimantan. It has just been discovered and people nowadays know more about this island. The beauty of Derawan can be seen from the clear blue water. You can snorkel and even dive the sea to see the underwater animals. It would be an amazing experience!

Do you have any plan to visit Indonesia. There are plenty beautiful islands in this country but one of them is Kalimantan. You can count Kalimantan on your travelling list and keep reading 10 facts about Kalimantan.

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