16 Interesting Facts about Iltutmish

Iltutmish, also known as Shams-ud-Din Iltutmish, was a significant ruler of the Delhi Sultanate during the medieval period. His reign from 1211 to 1236 marked an important era in the history of the Indian subcontinent. Iltutmish’s ascent to power is particularly noteworthy, as he began his journey as a slave in the service of Qutb-ud-din Aibak, the first Sultan of Delhi. After Aibak’s death, Iltutmish successfully navigated a power struggle within the Sultanate and emerged as the third Sultan, ushering in a period of relative stability.

Iltutmish is celebrated for his administrative reforms, which greatly enhanced the strength and efficiency of the Delhi Sultanate. One of his key contributions was the introduction of the Iqta system, a mechanism by which revenue-yielding territories were assigned to nobles and officials in exchange for military service. This system helped centralize authority, thereby strengthening the Sultanate’s control over its vast territories.

A prominent aspect of Iltutmish’s rule was his ability to defend the Sultanate against external threats. He successfully repelled invasions from the Mongols and the Khokhar tribes, demonstrating his military prowess and ensuring the territorial integrity of his realm.

Iltutmish was also known for his policy of religious tolerance. Under his leadership, both Islamic and non-Islamic traditions were patronized, fostering a climate of religious harmony. His reign witnessed the construction of significant monuments such as the Qutb Minar complex in Delhi, showcasing a fusion of Indo-Islamic architectural styles.

Iltutmish’s legacy left an indelible mark on the Delhi Sultanate, providing a foundation for subsequent dynasties and rulers. After his reign, his daughter Razia Sultan briefly became the first female Muslim ruler in the subcontinent. Iltutmish is remembered as a wise and capable ruler whose contributions to the political and administrative development of medieval India continue to be acknowledged and celebrated. His reign set the stage for the evolving history of the region during a crucial period.

Hauz Shamsi pavilion

Hauz Shamsi pavilion built by Iltutmish (Wikimedia)

Do you want to know more about Iltutmish? Let’s take a look at these 16 interesting facts about Iltutmish.

  1. Slave to Sultan: Iltutmish began his life as a slave but rose to become the Sultan of Delhi, a remarkable journey that reflected the fluidity of social status during the medieval period.
  2. Third Sultan: Iltutmish was the third Sultan of the Delhi Sultanate and played a crucial role in establishing the authority of the sultans in northern India.
  3. Consolidator of Power: He is often considered one of the main consolidators of the Delhi Sultanate, stabilizing and strengthening the empire.
  4. Administrative Reforms: Iltutmish introduced the Iqta system, a significant administrative reform that helped in revenue collection and strengthening the central authority.
  5. Tolerance of Multiple Religions: He was known for his religious tolerance, patronizing both Islamic and non-Islamic traditions during his rule.
  6. Construction of Qutb Minar: Iltutmish commissioned the construction of the famous Qutb Minar complex in Delhi, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its intricate Indo-Islamic architecture.
  7. Coins and Inscriptions: Iltutmish’s reign is marked by the issuance of silver coins with Persian inscriptions, showcasing the influence of Persian culture in his administration.
  8. Mongol Invasions: He successfully defended his empire against the Mongol invasions under Genghis Khan’s general, Kutbu-l-Din, displaying his military prowess.
  9. Policy of Non-Interference: Iltutmish is known for his policy of non-interference in the internal matters of his subordinates, which allowed greater autonomy to his provincial governors.
  10. Dynastic Succession: He established a tradition of dynastic succession within the Delhi Sultanate, where his daughter, Razia Sultan, briefly ascended the throne after him.
  11. Queen’s Regent: His daughter Razia Sultan became the first female ruler of Delhi, and Iltutmish served as the regent during her early years.
  12. Conflict with Qubacha: Iltutmish faced a prolonged power struggle with Qubacha, a former governor who declared himself an independent ruler, before eventually defeating him.
  13. Patron of Art and Culture: Iltutmish was a patron of art, culture, and architecture, fostering a rich cultural environment in his kingdom.
  14. Respect for Local Customs: He was known for respecting local customs and traditions, which contributed to the harmony among his subjects.
  15. Support for Sufism: Iltutmish extended support to Sufi saints, contributing to the spread of Sufism in the Indian subcontinent.
  16. Death and Succession: Iltutmish passed away in 1236, leaving behind a legacy of strong leadership and administrative reforms that significantly impacted the Delhi Sultanate’s subsequent history.

Iltutmish stands as a remarkable figure in the annals of Indian history. His ascent from slavery to sultanate, coupled with his astute administrative reforms, military prowess, and commitment to religious tolerance, left an enduring legacy that helped shape the Delhi Sultanate and its cultural heritage. Through his reign and accomplishments, Iltutmish demonstrated the transformative power of leadership and the potential for social mobility in the medieval world. His contributions to the political, architectural, and religious facets of his era continue to be remembered and celebrated, making Iltutmish a pivotal and fascinating figure in India’s historical tapestry.

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