18 Interesting Facts about INXS

INXS, an Australian rock band formed in 1977, emerged as one of the defining acts of the ’80s and ’90s, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry. The band’s name, pronounced “in excess,” was a nod to the excessiveness and energy they brought to their music and performances.

Led by charismatic frontman Michael Hutchence, INXS boasted a distinctive sound that blended rock, pop, and funk elements. Their breakthrough came with the album “Shabooh Shoobah” (1982), followed by the critically acclaimed “The Swing” (1984), showcasing their evolving musical style and songwriting prowess.

However, it was the album “Kick” (1987) that catapulted INXS to international stardom. Featuring hits like “Need You Tonight,” “New Sensation,” and “Never Tear Us Apart,” the album became a massive commercial success, earning platinum status and establishing the band as global icons.

INXS’s electrifying live performances, characterized by Hutchence’s magnetic stage presence and the band’s infectious energy, further solidified their status as one of the era’s most captivating live acts. Hutchence’s sultry vocals, coupled with the band’s tight instrumentals, made their concerts unforgettable experiences for fans worldwide.

Tragically, the untimely death of Michael Hutchence in 1997 marked a devastating loss for the band and the music world. Despite this profound loss, INXS’s legacy endures through their influential music, leaving a lasting imprint on the landscape of rock and pop, reminding audiences of their remarkable contribution to music history.

INXS Performance in 2011

INXS Performance in 2011 (Wikimedia)

What about INXS interesting facts? Here are 18 interesting facts about INXS.

  1. Formation and Origin: INXS formed in Sydney, Australia, in 1977, initially known as The Farriss Brothers, before adopting the name INXS in 1979.
  2. Band Members: The band consisted of Michael Hutchence (vocals), brothers Tim, Andrew, and Jon Farriss, Kirk Pengilly, and Garry Gary Beers.
  3. Musical Influences: Their sound was influenced by a mix of new wave, rock, funk, and pop, giving them a unique and eclectic musical style.
  4. Early Success: INXS gained popularity in Australia with their early albums but found international acclaim with the album “Shabooh Shoobah” in 1982.
  5. Breakthrough Album: “Kick,” released in 1987, was their breakthrough album, featuring several hit singles that dominated charts worldwide.
  6. Chart-Topping Singles: “Need You Tonight,” from the album “Kick,” became their first and only number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States.
  7. Awards and Recognition: INXS received numerous awards, including several MTV Video Music Awards and multiple ARIA Awards (Australian Recording Industry Association).
  8. Global Success: The band achieved immense success globally, touring extensively and selling millions of records worldwide.
  9. Epic Live Performances: INXS was renowned for their energetic and dynamic live performances, captivating audiences with their charismatic frontman, Michael Hutchence.
  10. Hutchence’s Charisma: Michael Hutchence’s charismatic stage presence and magnetic personality contributed significantly to the band’s allure.
  11. Critical Acclaim: Despite commercial success, the band earned critical acclaim for their musicianship and songwriting abilities.
  12. Experimental Ventures: INXS continually evolved their sound, incorporating experimental elements and collaborations with different artists.
  13. Collaborations and Side Projects: Various band members pursued solo projects or collaborated with other artists alongside their work with INXS.
  14. Album Artistry: The band’s album covers often featured striking and innovative artwork, adding to their visual appeal.
  15. Movie Soundtracks: INXS contributed to movie soundtracks, notably “The Lost Boys” and “Donnie Darko,” further cementing their presence in pop culture.
  16. Legacy: Despite the tragic death of Michael Hutchence in 1997, INXS’s legacy endures through their music, influencing subsequent generations of musicians.
  17. Continued Popularity: Their music remains popular and relevant, with ongoing appreciation from fans old and new.
  18. Documentaries and Tributes: Documentaries and tributes have been made to honor the band’s legacy, showcasing their impact on the music industry.

INXS stands as a testament to the dynamism and innovation of ’80s and ’90s music, their infectious beats and electrifying performances imprinting an era. Led by the enigmatic Michael Hutchence, the band’s fusion of rock, pop, and funk defined a sound that resonated across continents, filling arenas and dominating airwaves. Their legacy endures through timeless hits like “Need You Tonight” and “New Sensation,” continuing to captivate new generations of music enthusiasts. Despite the tragic loss of Hutchence, INXS’s influence remains palpable, a reminder of their unparalleled impact on the music industry, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of fans worldwide.