26 Interesting Facts about Jack Parow

Jack Parow, born Zander Tyler, is a South African rapper known for his unique blend of Afrikaans rap and hip-hop music. He was born in Cape Town in 1982 and started his music career in 2009 with the release of his debut album “Jack Parow.” He quickly gained a following due to his catchy beats and clever lyrics, which often poke fun at South African culture and politics.

Parow’s music often incorporates elements of comedy and satire, but also delves into more serious topics such as poverty, crime, and addiction. He has collaborated with a variety of artists, both in South Africa and internationally, and has released several successful albums over the years. His most popular songs include “Cooler as Ekke,” “Dans Dans Dans,” and “Tussen Stasies.”

In addition to his music career, Parow has also dabbled in acting and television presenting. He has appeared in several South African films and TV shows, and has hosted his own cooking show called “Die Parow Brak Show.” Parow continues to be a popular figure in South African culture and remains an important voice in the country’s music scene.

Jack Parow

Jack Parow (Wikimedia)

Here are 26 interesting facts about Jack Parow to know more about this South African rapper.

  1. Jack Parow’s real name is Zander Tyler.
  2. He was born in Parow, a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa.
  3. He started rapping when he was 14 years old.
  4. Jack Parow’s music is a blend of Afrikaans rap and hip-hop.
  5. He has released four studio albums to date.
  6. Jack Parow’s debut album, also called “Jack Parow,” was released in 2009.
  7. His song “Cooler as Ekke” became a hit in South Africa, and the music video went viral on YouTube.
  8. Jack Parow has collaborated with several South African and international artists, including Die Heuwels Fantasties, Die Antwoord, and Milky Chance.
  9. He has performed at several music festivals in South Africa, including Oppikoppi and Rocking the Daisies.
  10. Jack Parow has won several awards for his music, including a South African Music Award for Best Music Video in 2010.
  11. He has also appeared in several South African films, including “Ballade vir ‘n Enkeling” and “Black Butterflies.”
  12. Jack Parow has his own clothing line, called Parowphernalia.
  13. He has a tattoo of a pineapple on his leg.
  14. Jack Parow is a fan of the TV series “Breaking Bad.”
  15. He once recorded a song called “Afrika 4 Beginners” to help tourists learn some basic Afrikaans phrases.
  16. Jack Parow is a big fan of wrestling and has attended WWE events in South Africa.
  17. He is a supporter of the South African charity organization, the Santa Shoebox Project.
  18. Jack Parow has a son named Cobra.
  19. He once performed a rap song about the South African Parliament, which was broadcast live on national television.
  20. Jack Parow has written and performed music for several South African TV shows, including “Zane’s Sex Chronicles” and “Die Boland Moorde.”
  21. He has released a number of music videos, many of which feature a quirky sense of humor and bizarre imagery.
  22. Jack Parow has been praised for his unique voice and lyrical style, which blends humor and social commentary.
  23. He has been compared to international rap artists like Eminem and the Beastie Boys.
  24. Jack Parow has toured extensively throughout South Africa and Europe, and has also performed in Australia and Canada.
  25. He is known for his distinctive hairstyle, which features a partially shaved head and a long, braided rat-tail.
  26. Jack Parow continues to be a popular and influential figure in South African music and culture.

Jack Parow is a highly influential and talented musician who has left an indelible mark on South African music and culture. Through his unique blend of Afrikaans rap and hip-hop, he has captivated audiences with his clever lyrics, catchy beats, and quirky sense of humor. Parow’s music has earned him numerous accolades and awards, and he continues to be a popular figure in the music scene. Beyond his music, he has also dabbled in acting, television presenting, and fashion, demonstrating his versatility and creativity. With his distinctive voice, lyrical style, and unique image, Jack Parow has become an iconic figure in South African culture, inspiring generations of musicians and fans alike.