27 Interesting Facts about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

“Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” is a two-part stage play written by Jack Thorne based on an original story by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany, and Thorne. Set nineteen years after the events of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” the play follows Harry Potter, now an overworked employee at the Ministry of Magic, and his youngest son, Albus Severus Potter, as they struggle with the weight of the Potter family legacy.

The story revolves around Albus Severus Potter’s journey at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he grapples with the expectations placed upon him as the son of the famous Harry Potter. Struggling to live up to his father’s reputation, Albus befriends Scorpius Malfoy, the son of Harry’s former rival, Draco Malfoy, and together they embark on a perilous adventure through time.

As Albus and Scorpius tamper with time-turners and alter the course of history, they inadvertently create a dark alternate timeline where Voldemort reigns supreme and their loved ones are in grave danger. The play explores themes of friendship, family, and the consequences of one’s actions, as the characters are forced to confront their pasts and reconcile with their present selves.

“Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” introduces new characters while also revisiting familiar faces from the original series, offering fans a nostalgic glimpse into the wizarding world they know and love. The play’s innovative staging and special effects captivate audiences, bringing Rowling’s magical universe to life on stage in a way that is both thrilling and immersive.

Despite mixed reviews from critics, “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” has garnered a dedicated fan base and received numerous awards, including the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Play. Whether experienced on stage or through the published script, the play continues to enchant audiences around the world, keeping the magic of Harry Potter alive for new generations of fans.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Wikimedia)

It’s a good idea to look at these 27 interesting facts about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to know more about it.

  1. The Eighth Story: “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” is often referred to as the “eighth story” in the Harry Potter series, as it serves as a continuation of the original seven books.
  2. Stage Play: Unlike the previous Harry Potter books, “Cursed Child” was written as a stage play rather than a novel. The script was released in book form after the play’s premiere.
  3. West End Premiere: The play premiered on London’s West End at the Palace Theatre on July 30, 2016, with previews starting on June 7, 2016.
  4. Two Parts: “Cursed Child” is presented in two parts, which are meant to be seen on the same day or on consecutive evenings.
  5. Record-Breaking: The play set a record for the most Olivier Awards won by a single production, with nine awards in total, including Best New Play.
  6. Time Travel Plot: The plot of “Cursed Child” heavily involves time travel, as the characters use a Time-Turner to revisit key moments from the past.
  7. Dark Alternate Timeline: Through their time-traveling adventures, Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy inadvertently create a dark alternate timeline where Voldemort won the Battle of Hogwarts.
  8. Albus Severus Potter: The story focuses on Harry Potter’s youngest son, Albus Severus Potter, who struggles with the weight of his family legacy and feels overshadowed by his father’s fame.
  9. Scorpius Malfoy: Scorpius Malfoy, the son of Draco Malfoy, becomes Albus’s best friend and companion throughout the play.
  10. Friendship Theme: One of the central themes of “Cursed Child” is the power of friendship, as Albus and Scorpius navigate their challenges together.
  11. Harry’s Struggles: The play explores Harry Potter’s struggles as a parent and his efforts to connect with his son, Albus, who feels alienated from his family.
  12. Hermione Granger: In the alternate timeline, Hermione Granger is depicted as a bitter Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts, highlighting the impact of changing past events.
  13. Ron Weasley: Ron Weasley runs Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes in the alternate timeline and is married to Padma Patil rather than Hermione.
  14. Bellatrix Lestrange’s Child: Delphi Diggory, revealed to be the daughter of Bellatrix Lestrange and Lord Voldemort, serves as the primary antagonist of the play.
  15. The Golden Trio: While the original trio (Harry, Ron, Hermione) plays significant roles in the play, much of the focus is on the next generation of characters.
  16. Draco Malfoy’s Redemption: Draco Malfoy undergoes significant character development throughout the play, demonstrating his capacity for growth and redemption.
  17. Time-Turner Limitations: The play introduces new limitations on Time-Turners, preventing characters from altering major events in the past.
  18. Character Deaths: “Cursed Child” features the deaths of several characters, including Cedric Diggory and Snape, in the alternate timeline.
  19. Polyjuice Potion: Polyjuice Potion is used to transform characters into others, allowing them to interact with people from the past.
  20. Magical Creatures: The play includes appearances by magical creatures such as Dementors, the Hogwarts Sorting Hat, and the Augurey.
  21. Wizarding World Expansion: “Cursed Child” expands the wizarding world by introducing new locations and exploring previously uncharted aspects of magical society.
  22. Father-Son Relationships: The play delves into the complex dynamics between fathers and sons, particularly the relationships between Harry and Albus, Draco and Scorpius, and Amos Diggory and Cedric.
  23. Reception: While “Cursed Child” received mixed reviews from critics, it has been praised for its innovative storytelling and imaginative staging.
  24. Global Productions: In addition to its West End run, “Cursed Child” has been staged in New York, Melbourne, San Francisco, and other cities around the world.
  25. Audience Engagement: The play encourages audience participation and interaction, creating an immersive theatrical experience for viewers.
  26. Fan Community: “Cursed Child” has inspired a dedicated fan community, with fans discussing theories, analyzing the story, and creating fan art and fanfiction.
  27. Legacy: Despite its differences from the original series, “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” continues the legacy of Harry Potter, keeping the magic alive for new generations of fans.

“Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” represents a bold new chapter in the wizarding world, expanding upon the beloved story created by J.K. Rowling while exploring themes of friendship, family, and the power of choice. Through its innovative stage production and captivating storytelling, the play invites audiences to immerse themselves in the magic of Hogwarts once more, while introducing new characters and adventures that captivate the imagination. While it may have divided opinions among fans and critics alike, “Cursed Child” undeniably adds depth and complexity to the Harry Potter universe, offering a fresh perspective on familiar characters and themes. Whether experienced on stage or through the published script, the play continues to enchant audiences around the world, ensuring that the magic of Harry Potter lives on for generations to come.