31 Interesting Facts about Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan, a country in Central Asia, is characterized by its vast deserts, diverse landscapes, and a rich historical and cultural heritage. Bordered by Kazakhstan to the northwest, Uzbekistan to the north and east, Afghanistan to the southeast, Iran to the south, and the Caspian Sea to the west, its strategic location has influenced its cultural and economic development. Ashgabat, the capital and largest city, is renowned for its opulent white marble buildings and modern architecture.

The country was once part of the Silk Road, an ancient trade network connecting the East and the West. This historical legacy is evident in the well-preserved ruins of cities like Merv and Nisa, both UNESCO World Heritage sites, showcasing Turkmenistan’s role in the region’s history and commerce.

Turkmenistan is also recognized for its natural beauty, including the Karakum Desert, which covers much of the country and is famous for the Darvaza Gas Crater, also known as the “Door to Hell.” This fiery pit has been burning for decades, captivating travelers and photographers.

One of the unique aspects of Turkmenistan is its distinctive political system and government style. It is known for its highly centralized and authoritarian governance, with a strong emphasis on personality cult and a significant focus on the legacy of the first President, Saparmurat Niyazov.

Moreover, Turkmenistan is rich in natural gas reserves, making it a major player in the energy sector. The country has invested in infrastructure projects and aims to increase its global significance by promoting international partnerships, particularly in the energy and transportation sectors. Despite limited tourism due to its closed nature, Turkmenistan remains an intriguing destination for those seeking to explore lesser-known corners of the world and uncover a unique blend of history, culture, and natural wonders.


Ashgabat (Wikimedia)

It’s a good idea to look at these 31 interesting facts about Turkmenistan to know more about this country.

  1. Ancient History: Turkmenistan has a rich ancient history, with evidence of human habitation dating back to ancient times, including artifacts from the Bronze Age.
  2. Silk Road Hub: The historical city of Merv in Turkmenistan was a major hub on the ancient Silk Road, facilitating trade between East and West.
  3. Door to Hell: The Darvaza Gas Crater, also known as the “Door to Hell,” is a natural gas field in Turkmenistan that has been burning since 1971.
  4. Gas Reserves: Turkmenistan holds the fourth-largest proven reserves of natural gas in the world.
  5. Marble City: Ashgabat, the capital city, is often referred to as the “City of Marble” due to its extensive use of white marble in its architecture.
  6. Ahlia Museum: Ashgabat’s Ahlia Museum is known for its impressive collection of Turkmen carpets, showcasing the country’s rich carpet-weaving traditions.
  7. Ruhnama: “Ruhnama” was a book authored by the first President of Turkmenistan, Saparmurat Niyazov, and was considered a spiritual and political guide for the nation.
  8. Akhal-Teke Horses: Turkmenistan is home to the Akhal-Teke horse, a unique and ancient horse breed known for its speed, endurance, and distinctive metallic sheen on its coat.
  9. Golden Statue of Turkmenbashi: A golden statue of Saparmurat Niyazov, the first President of Turkmenistan, once rotated to always face the sun.
  10. Karakum Desert: The Karakum Desert, covering about 70% of Turkmenistan, is one of the largest sand deserts in the world.
  11. Independence Monument: The Independence Monument in Ashgabat is a prominent landmark commemorating Turkmenistan’s independence from the Soviet Union.
  12. Cotton Production: Turkmenistan is one of the world’s largest producers of cotton, contributing significantly to its economy.
  13. Leninabad: The city of Dashoguz was once called Leninabad during the Soviet era, reflecting the influence of Soviet ideology and governance.
  14. Darvaza Village: Darvaza is a small village in Turkmenistan that gained fame due to the Darvaza Gas Crater, a natural gas field that collapsed and has been burning for decades.
  15. State-Imposed Personalities: Turkmenistan’s authoritarian regime has promoted state-imposed personalities, notably the “Turkmenbashi” (leader of the Turkmen) title given to the first President.
  16. Nisa Archaeological Site: Nisa, an ancient Parthian city and UNESCO World Heritage site, is a significant archaeological complex in Turkmenistan.
  17. Turkmen Carpets: Turkmenistan is renowned for its intricate and colorful handmade carpets, considered an important part of the nation’s cultural heritage.
  18. Yomut Tribe: The Yomut Turkmen tribe is one of the major ethnic groups in Turkmenistan, known for their distinctive textiles and craftsmanship.
  19. Nebit Dag: Nebit Dag is a mountain in the western part of Turkmenistan, known for its unusual flat-topped shape and stunning views.
  20. Neutral Turkmenistan: Turkmenistan declared itself a neutral country, recognized by the United Nations, indicating a policy of non-alignment in international conflicts.
  21. Geographical Landmarks: Turkmenistan features diverse landscapes, including the Koytendag Mountains, the Ustyurt Plateau, and the Caspian Sea coastline.
  22. Caspian Sea: Turkmenistan has a coastline along the Caspian Sea, which is the world’s largest inland body of water.
  23. Traditional Music: Turkmen music often features traditional instruments like dutar (a two-stringed lute) and gopuz (a frame drum), reflecting the cultural heritage of the nation.
  24. Turkmen Language: The official language of Turkmenistan is Turkmen, a Turkic language written in the Latin script since 1993.
  25. National Flag: The flag of Turkmenistan features a green field with a vertical stripe of red and white, symbolizing Islam, neutrality, and purity.
  26. Rukhnama Palace: The Rukhnama Palace, a grandiose building in Ashgabat, was dedicated to the book “Ruhnama” and the former President, Saparmurat Niyazov.
  27. Gas Export to China: Turkmenistan is a major exporter of natural gas to China through the Central Asia-China Gas Pipeline.
  28. Aral Sea Impact: The Aral Sea, once one of the world’s largest lakes, has significantly shrunk due to human activities, affecting the environment in Turkmenistan and neighboring countries.
  29. Oguzkhan Palace Ruins: The ruins of Oguzkhan Palace are an archaeological site near Ashgabat, providing insights into ancient Turkmen architecture and civilization.
  30. Yomut Carpet Museum: The Yomut Carpet Museum in Ashgabat is dedicated to showcasing Turkmenistan’s traditional carpet-weaving art.
  31. Railway of Death: The Karakum Desert was once called the “Railway of Death” during the construction of the Trans-Caspian Railway, which faced challenges due to the harsh desert conditions.
Darvaza gas crater

Darvaza gas crater

Turkmenistan, with its blend of ancient history, diverse landscapes, and unique cultural identity, remains a nation that intrigues and captivates. As it steps into the modern era, retaining the echoes of its nomadic past and the imprints of Soviet influence, Turkmenistan is at a pivotal juncture. Its towering marble cities and ambitious infrastructure projects stand as symbols of progress and ambition, reflecting the aspirations of its people and leadership. With a landscape that ranges from the desolate beauty of the Karakum Desert to the picturesque Caspian Sea coastline, Turkmenistan continues to embrace its natural riches and historical significance.

Turkmenistan’s closed nature and distinct political system have kept it relatively lesser known on the global stage. However, it holds immense potential for those who seek to unravel its enigmatic aura. As the nation navigates the delicate balance between preserving its traditions and embracing modernity, Turkmenistan stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of a people deeply proud of their heritage. Whether gazing upon the flames of the Darvaza Gas Crater or marveling at the ornate architecture of Ashgabat, Turkmenistan beckons travelers to discover its secrets and experience the unfolding chapters of its evolving story.

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