69 Interesting Facts about Maryland, The Old Line State

Maryland, often referred to as the “Old Line State” or the “Free State,” is a diverse and historically rich state located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. The state’s unique shape, resembling that of a crab shell, is iconic and highlights its close connection to the Chesapeake Bay. Annapolis, the state capital, holds immense historical significance as one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the United States. The city’s historic district is home to many beautifully preserved 18th-century buildings, reflecting its colonial past.

Maryland’s economy is notably diverse, with a strong presence in industries such as biotechnology, aerospace, manufacturing, and information technology. The state is home to several prestigious institutions, including Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland, contributing to its reputation as a hub for research and education.

One of Maryland’s most cherished natural assets is the Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the United States, teeming with wildlife and supporting the livelihoods of many communities. The state’s love for blue crabs is evident in the numerous crab houses and seafood festivals that dot the region. Additionally, the Appalachian Mountains grace Maryland’s western edge, offering outdoor enthusiasts opportunities for hiking, skiing, and breathtaking scenic drives.

Maryland holds a prominent place in American history, being one of the original thirteen colonies. It played a critical role during the American Revolution and the Civil War, and the state is rich with historical landmarks and battlefields. The culture of Maryland is a blend of influences from the South and the Northeast, reflected in its traditions, cuisine, and way of life.

Moreover, Marylanders take immense pride in their sports culture, particularly in baseball with the Baltimore Orioles and football with the Baltimore Ravens. Sports events often unite the community, creating a sense of shared pride and excitement. Overall, Maryland’s unique blend of history, natural beauty, academic excellence, and sporting enthusiasm makes it a truly remarkable and distinctive state within the United States.

Maryland State Capitol

Maryland State Capitol in Annapolis

Here are 69 interesting facts about Maryland to give more information about this state.

  1. State Nickname: Maryland is known as the “Old Line State” and the “Free State.”
  2. State Capital: Annapolis is the state capital of Maryland.
  3. Largest City: Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland.
  4. Chesapeake Bay: Maryland is known for its extensive coastline along the Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the United States.
  5. Crab Capital: Maryland is famous for its blue crabs and is often referred to as the “Crab State.”
  6. Fort McHenry: Fort McHenry in Baltimore is where the national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner,” was written by Francis Scott Key during the War of 1812.
  7. National Anthem: “The Star-Spangled Banner” was written during the defense of Fort McHenry in the Chesapeake Bay.
  8. Chesapeake and Ohio Canal: The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, or C&O Canal, is a historic waterway that stretches 184.5 miles from Washington, D.C., to Cumberland, Maryland.
  9. First Dental School: The world’s first dental school, the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, was founded in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1840.
  10. First American Railroad: The first American railroad to carry passengers and freight was the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, which began operations in 1830.
  11. Assateague Island: Assateague Island is known for its wild ponies that roam freely on its beaches.
  12. Black-Eyed Susan: The black-eyed Susan is the official state flower of Maryland.
  13. State Bird: The Baltimore oriole is the official state bird of Maryland.
  14. State Crustacean: The blue crab is the official state crustacean of Maryland.
  15. State Sport: Jousting is the official state sport of Maryland.
  16. Preakness Stakes: Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore hosts the Preakness Stakes, one of the Triple Crown horse races.
  17. Montgomery Blair: Montgomery Blair was the Postmaster General of the United States under President Abraham Lincoln and was from Maryland.
  18. Battle of Antietam: The Battle of Antietam, fought in 1862, was the bloodiest single-day battle in American history and took place in Sharpsburg, Maryland.
  19. National Institutes of Health (NIH): NIH, one of the world’s foremost medical research centers, is located in Bethesda, Maryland.
  20. Great Blue Heron: The great blue heron is the official state bird of Maryland.
  21. First School of Medicine: The University of Maryland School of Medicine, founded in 1807, is the first public medical school in the United States.
  22. Smith Island Cake: The Smith Island Cake, a multi-layered cake, is the official state dessert of Maryland.
  23. Woodrow Wilson Bridge: The Woodrow Wilson Bridge connects Maryland and Virginia across the Potomac River.
  24. Naval Academy: The United States Naval Academy is located in Annapolis, training officers for the United States Navy and Marine Corps.
  25. Clara Barton: Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross, was born in North Oxford, Massachusetts, and spent much of her life in Maryland.
  26. B&O Railroad Museum: The B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore is one of the oldest railroad museums in the world.
  27. Crab Cake: Maryland is renowned for its crab cakes, a popular regional dish made from blue crab meat.
  28. State Dog: The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is the official state dog of Maryland.
  29. Tobacco: Maryland was a major tobacco-producing state in the 17th century and played a significant role in the tobacco trade.
  30. Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge: Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge is a critical habitat for migratory birds and is known for its scenic beauty.
  31. Maryland Terrapins: The University of Maryland’s athletic teams are known as the Terrapins.
  32. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad: The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, established in 1827, was the first common carrier railroad in the United States.
  33. Martin Luther King Jr.’s House: Martin Luther King Jr. lived in Baltimore while attending graduate school at Boston University.
  34. Sailing Capital: Annapolis is often referred to as the “Sailing Capital of the World.”
  35. Ice Cream Sundae: The first written record of an ice cream sundae was in Ithaca, New York, but the earliest proof of the term “sundae” was in Maryland in the early 1890s.
  36. Hagerstown Speedway: Hagerstown Speedway in Hagerstown is one of the oldest continuously operating tracks for auto racing in the United States.
  37. The Anthem: “The Anthem,” a music venue in Washington, D.C., designed by famed architect Frank Gehry, is partially located in Maryland.
  38. Bay Bridge: The Chesapeake Bay Bridge, connecting Maryland’s eastern and western shores, is one of the longest continuous over-water steel structures in the world.
  39. Old Line Regiment: During the Revolutionary War, Maryland soldiers were known as the “Old Line Regiment” for their bravery.
  40. State Dance: Square dancing is the official state dance of Maryland.
  41. The Blair Witch Project: The Blair Witch Project, a famous horror film, was set and filmed in Maryland.
  42. Harriet Tubman: Harriet Tubman, a leading abolitionist, was born in Dorchester County, Maryland.
  43. American Urological Association: The American Urological Association, one of the oldest urological associations in the world, was founded in Baltimore.
  44. National Road: The National Road, one of the earliest major improved highways in the United States, passed through Maryland.
  45. Ride Across Maryland (RAM): RAM is an annual bicycle ride to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) research.
  46. Star-Spangled Banner Flag House: The Star-Spangled Banner Flag House in Baltimore was the home of Mary Young Pickersgill, who sewed the flag that inspired the national anthem.
  47. Columbia: Columbia, a planned community, is one of the first and most successful planned cities in the United States.
  48. State Reptile: The diamondback terrapin is the official state reptile of Maryland.
  49. Ellicott City: Ellicott City is known for its historic downtown, situated in Howard County.
  50. Chincoteague Ponies: Chincoteague ponies, made famous by the novel “Misty of Chincoteague,” are often swum across the Assateague Channel from Virginia to Maryland for auction.
  51. State Fish: The rockfish, or striped bass, is the official state fish of Maryland.
  52. American Chestnut Land Trust: The American Chestnut Land Trust in Calvert County is dedicated to preserving the American chestnut tree.
  53. National Cryptologic Museum: The National Cryptologic Museum in Fort Meade showcases the history of cryptography and the U.S. intelligence community.
  54. Pimlico Race Course: Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore hosts the annual Preakness Stakes, the second leg of the Triple Crown.
  55. Glen Echo Park: Glen Echo Park, located in Montgomery County, is a former amusement park turned arts and cultural center.
  56. Emancipation Proclamation: A preliminary draft of the Emancipation Proclamation was crafted in the mountains of western Maryland.
  57. Maryland State House: The Maryland State House in Annapolis is the oldest U.S. state capitol in continuous legislative use.
  58. State Team Sport: Lacrosse is the official state team sport of Maryland.
  59. State Fossil: Ecphora gardnerae gardnerae is the official state fossil of Maryland.
  60. Babe Ruth: Babe Ruth, one of baseball’s greatest players, was born in Baltimore.
  61. Bassmaster Classic: The Bassmaster Classic, a prestigious fishing tournament, was hosted in Maryland’s waters in 1981 and 2006.
  62. Benjamin Banneker: Benjamin Banneker, a self-taught African-American mathematician and astronomer, was from Maryland.
  63. Old Bay Seasoning: Old Bay Seasoning, a popular spice blend, is a staple in Maryland cuisine.
  64. State Cat: The Calico cat is the official state cat of Maryland.
  65. Potomac River: The Potomac River flows through Maryland and is a significant waterway in the region.
  66. State Boat: The skipjack is the official state boat of Maryland.
  67. State Dinosaur: Astrodon johnstoni is the official state dinosaur of Maryland.
  68. Historic St. Mary’s City: Historic St. Mary’s City is a living history museum commemorating Maryland’s first capital.
  69. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center: Located in Greenbelt, Maryland, it is one of NASA’s key space research and exploration centers.

Maryland encapsulates a rich blend of heritage, natural beauty, and innovation. It is a state where the echoes of pivotal historical events reverberate through the cobblestone streets of Annapolis and the hallowed battlefields, reminding us of the struggles and triumphs that shaped the nation. The Chesapeake Bay, with its abundant life and serene landscapes, embodies the state’s deep connection to the water and its influence on the culture and livelihoods of its people. Maryland embraces a unique identity, a mélange of maritime traditions, culinary delights like crab cakes, and a fervor for sports, especially lacrosse and horse racing.

Maryland, often hailed as “America in Miniature” due to its diverse geography, offers a microcosm of the nation’s landscapes and lifestyles. From the bustling urban life in Baltimore to the quaint historic towns, and from the verdant Appalachian Mountains to the picturesque Eastern Shore, this state unfolds a narrative that is as varied as it is captivating. As the soft hues of twilight reflect upon the Chesapeake Bay and the cities light up, Maryland invites residents and visitors alike to embrace its essence—a fusion of history, innovation, natural beauty, and a warm sense of community. It stands as a testament to the resilience and adaptability of a state that has evolved over centuries while cherishing its roots and preserving its cherished traditions.

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