10 Facts About Kepler 186f

Another science discovery will be revealed in our facts about Kepler 186f. This planet has been discovered recently and it is claimed can be the place for living after Earth. Hmm.  Let’s see what the scientist said here: Facts About Kepler 186f 1: Kepler 186f Is Said As The “Earth’s…
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10 Facts About Kepler 22b

Are you interested in facts about Kepler 22b? With our astronomy theme, we want to show you several facts that can be useful to broaden our knowledge. Kepler 22b is the planet that is almost in the habitable zone on its star. However, several issues and statements are unsure about…
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10 Facts About Kennedy Space Center

Have you ever read about facts about Kennedy Space Center? If so, you must know more about it or you used to want to be an astronauts. The Kennedy Space Center is located in East Florida. The activities of spaceships happens here everyday. This becomes the facility that covers all…
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