10 Facts About Kerry

Have you ever heard of facts about Kerry? This is one of the most popular kingdom and its descendants in Ireland. Do you want to know more facts? Just go ahead with the facts below:

Facts About Kerry 1: The Motto In Its Flag Translated Into “Cooperation, Help, And Friendship”

When you pay attention to the Irish flag, you’ve got the symbol and also the three words written below the symbol, said “Comhar, Cabhair, Cairdeas,”which is translated in English into “Cooperation, Help, and Friendship.”

Facts About Kerry 2: Carrauntoohill Is The Highest Mountain In Ireland

So, according to MacGillycuddy Reek range, the highest mountain in Ireland goes to Carrauntoohill which stands at 3.409 feet. Along with this you’ve also got the second and the third hinghest mountains. They are Beenkeragh and Cacher. In addition, the scenery is also stunning with the highest lake called Cummeenoughter which is translated into “The Devil’s Looking Glass.”


Facts About Kerry 3: Ireland Is The Birth Place Of Tom Crean

Tom Crean was a seaman and an explorer. He was born in 1877 and he made an expedition to discover Antartica. He used to be the part of Discovery and Terra Nova expedition.

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Facts About Kerry 4: Valentia Was The Origin Of Translatic Telegraph Cable

It is one of the place in Ireland where the history made. Valentia is the name of the place which is well known as the place where the frst translatic telegraph cable was stretched to all over Europe. It’s been linking Europe and America.

Facts About Kerry 5: Kerry Was The Name Of The Descendants And The Kingdom

It was in the 65 AD, when the O’Connor clan took control of Ireland. They purely led the kingdom and having said that there are only two kingdoms: the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Kerry.

Facts About Kerry 6: Charlie Chaplin Used To Travel To Waterville With His Family

Everyone knows Chaplin. He is one of the iconic silent film star that was famous during 60s-70s. In was said that Chaplin used to escape to travel to Waterville and stayed in Butler Arms Hotel. He used to travel with his wife during 60s until 70s.

Facts About Kerry 7: James Bond’s Boss Was Inspired By William Melville

William Melville was from Sneem in Kerry’s company. He joined the London Metropolitan Police when he was young. He also supported Home Rule for Ireland. This gave the director of James Bond to create a character like Melville. Melville also worked for Secret Service.

Facts About Kerry 8: The Interesting House Of Kerry Represented The Traditional Irish House

Kerry’s house is the representation of Irish traditional house. The typical Irish house is always it has three bay single storey, with the direct entry. The shape is rectangular and each room opening into the next door.

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Facts About Kerry 9: Tetrapod And The Fossilized Footprints Are The Two Important Things

There was a large amphibian 385 years million ago. They used to walk on soft sediment in Valentina Island. Nowadays, you can see the footprints in the rock. The name of the large amphibian is Tetrapod.

Facts About Kerry 10: Puck Fair Is The Oldest Traditional Festival In Ireland

The festival has been celebrated for more than 400 years. In the Puck Fair, you will see the goat that will be crowned king. There are mostly 80.000 visitors in this festival.

That’s all the facts we can share with you. We believe that you know more facts about Kerry.