10 Facts About Kesha

We know that all of you might be familiar with facts about Kesha. She is a beautiful American singer who dedicates herself into singing and creating music. It’s been several years since her first appearance on TV. Now, let’s see her news.

Facts About Kesha 1: $ Symbol In Kesha’s Name Doesn’t Have Representation With Money

Some people are still figuring out the $ symbol in Kesha’s name. Since it’s the symbol of dollars, many people think that Kesha is a money vision. However, Kesha confirms that it doesn’t have any representation with money. She says that she is the money itself.

Facts About Kesha 2: Kesha Struggled To Get To Where She Is Now

She has a big luck. Like every other musicians, Kesha too struggled to be in her place today. It was Flo Rida’s hit single that brought her like she is today.

Facts About Kesha 3: Prince’s House Was The First Place Where She Dropped Her Demo

Before she becomes a singer, she dropped her demo in Prince’s house. However, it turned into rejection in Kesha’s time. Her demo was rejected and she had to keep moving.

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Facts About Kesha 4: Madonna And Queen Are Her Two Lifetime Inspirations

When she was young, Kesha listens to music that are popular in that era. Two of them are Madonna and Queen. She was dreaming to be the superstar while she was listening to their music. And now, you can see that her dream comes true

Facts About Kesha 5: She Is Not Only A Singer, She Is Also A Song Writer

She loves writing music. Before she came into a singer, she wrote her own song. That’s why, she considers herself first as a song writer. Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus have their songs written by Kesha.

Facts About Kesha 6: She Is The Daughter Of Pebe Sebert

Pebe Sebert is a song writer of Dolly Parton’s greatest hits. Now, do you know where her talent comes from?

Facts About Kesha 7: She Is A Smart Girl And Talented Artist

When she was in a high school, she did things differently like many other students. She attended into Belmont University to learn new things. She proved that she is smart by achieving 1500 SAT score.

 Facts About Kesha 8: She Used To Be Refused By People

When she was in a college, she made a hardtime making friends. That’s because Kesha is a unique creature. Kesha dyed her hair purple and wore velvet pants. The other students couldn’t accept that.

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 Facts About Kesha 9: She Supports LGBTQ Movement

She has a thought that people should respect people. Since she was young, she had to deal with rejection. That’s why she knows well how to be a marginal. LGBTQ becomes her concern. She supports the movement by doing some activities with them.

Facts About Kesha 10: She Has A Beautiful Wish

The only wish she hasn’t got yet is glittering the world. That’s what she really wants to do during her lifetime. What a sweet girl she is.

Most of us love her so much. With her beauty and amazing voice, Kesha is one of the most successful singers in America. Do you have more facts about Kesha?