10 Facts About Kestrels

If you are a fan of animals, you must be happy to read these facts about Kestrels. Kestrels is a mini bird which you can easily find flying above the high building on the way home from your office. So, today we are going to see what secrets that the bird is hiding. Take a look and enjoy!

Facts About Kestrels 1: This Is One Of The Smallest Birds And Commonly Known As Preys.

The kestrels are known as the smallest birds that we usually see on the road. They are also known as one of the preys that exist in the world. The typical thing yo can see of this birds is their wings.

Facts About Kestrels 2: Kestrels Are Easily Recognised

Unlike the other small birds, you can recognise kestrels easily. By the size, kestrels are only The kestrel is only 32-35cm long, with a tail of 12-15cm and wingspan of 71-80cm. Males and females are alike, just few things that make them different. The male usually has a blue-grey head while the female has a brown head and tail.

 Facts About Kestrels 3: There Are Several Preys Of Kestrels You Need To Know

There are several preys that usually catch the kestrels. Field voles, micep, shrews, moles, rats, frogs and lizards are the main prey of kestrels.

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Facts About Kestrels 4: Kestrels Are Birds That Do Not Have Their Own Nest

Unlike the other birds, kestrels do not have their own nest. When the time to lay the eggs, they usually fly to find the old nest of other birds, such as the nest of pigeons.

Facts About Kestrels 5: April Is The Month For Kestrels To Lay The Eggs

In april, kestrels laid the eggs in the nest. The interval is two or three days. It does mean that the young kestrels are in different stages of the development.

 Facts About Kestrels 6: The Female And The Male Kestrels Have Different Job Desk

Like in a family, kestrels have their jobdesks. While the female incubates the eggs, the ,male kestrels bring foods. When the male comes back to the nest, then they feed the little offsprings.

Facts About Kestrels 7: Gamekeepers Hunted Kestrels Very Often

Because of this case, farmers take action to keep kestrels under control. Farmers then tolerate kestrels as long the prey are rats, moles, and insects.

Facts About Kestrels 8: The Amount Of Kestrels Are Now Declining

It is due to the habitat and the food supply. Kestrels find it hard to get the habitat and also the food supply. Nowadays, the existance of Kestrels are less common everywhere.

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Facts About Kestrels 9: Open Country Is The Best Option For Kestrels

Since it’s getting harder to find habitat, kestrels then prefer to go to some open countries. They usually belong to marshes, valleys, farmland, cliffs, grassland, heaths, and coastal dunes.

Facts About Kestrels 10: See The Kestrels Near The Main Roads And Motorways

If you want to see kestrels, you can go to the main road or in the motorways. You can enjoy the afternoon by seeing the kestrels flying across the sky.

Are you happy with these facts about Kestrels?