10 Facts About Kashrut

This time we are going to provide the article of facts about Kashrut, the Jewish dietary laws. Let’s read them out! Facts About Kashrut 1: The Ancient Jewish Dietary Laws Jewish has its strict rule in consuming foods. Kashrut is the rule to consume kosher foods. Kosher is the name…
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10 Facts About Karma

All the people in the world talk about karma, but some of them know about 10 facts about karma. The term karma is now popularly used in any kind of situation. It has been highly spread, even some teenagers know what karma is. However, people didn’t know about the secrets…
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10 Facts About Kali

According to Hinduism there are many facts about Kali that can be revealed. As one of the Goddess in Hinduism, Kali plays an important role for the beliefs. It also portrays several symbols that can be translated in different ways. As the Hinduism has poetry in its prayer, Kali is…
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10 Facts about Kaaba

Kaaba during hajj

Let’s talk facts about Kaaba on this article. The Kaaba is one of the world’s most famous historical sites. Its cubic shape and unique pattern makes it a world-wide famous piece of architecture. Being the center of the Islamic religion, it attracts millions of Muslims each year and has thus…
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