Top 10 Facts About Kalpana Chawla

One of the famous astronauts in NASA will be discussed here in 10 facts about Kalpana Chawla. She is one of the genius astronauts from India. Her dream was working in NASA just because she wanted to see the space. She was very young when she was admitted as part of NASA team. Unfortunately, she passed away during her discovery in the space. Here are 10 facts about Kalpana Chawla that will be revealed.

Facts About Kalpana Chawla 1: She Was Born Genius Among The Patriarchy Society

She was born in 1962 in Kayana, one of regions in India. At that moment, India was under the patriarchy society. During her childhood life, she had a big dream to break the common sense; that females are born equal to males.

Facts About Kalpana Chawla 2: One of The Golden Daughter of India

The genius Kalpana Chawla was one of the golden daughters of India. She was a genius woman that was passionate with her dream.


Facts About Kalpana Chawla 3: She Dreamt of Seeing The Space

One of the reason that she wanted to be an astronaut was her dream about discovering the space. She wanted to see the planets and its solar system. And she reached her dream, eventually.

Facts About Kalpana Chawla 4: Her Educational Background Was The Steps to The Space

She took her education in India. Tagore Baal Niketan Senior Secondary School, Karnal was her secondary school. Later she continued to take her Aeronautical Engineering from Punjab Engineering College at Chandigarh in 1982.

Facts About Kalpana Chawla 5: NASA Chose Her As The Team

Based on her skill and her intelligence, NASA chose her as the team for the expeditions. It was her main point that she finally reached her dream.

Facts About Kalpana Chawla 6: She Was The Vice President Of NASA

During her career in Nasa, she was awarded as the influential person in NASA. With her works and her skills, NASA chose her as the Vice President.


Facts About Kalpana Chawla7: Her Marriage to The Flying Instructor

She met her soulmate during her work in NASA. Her meeting with Jean-Pierre Harrison in 1983 brought both of them to the isle. Jean Pierre Harrison was the flying instructor in NASA and he was also an aviation author.

Facts About Kalpana Chawla 8: She Decided To Move to The United State

Chawla finally decided to move to the US to complete her Phd in University of Texas. She moved to America one year before her meeting with Jean Pierre Harrison.

Facts About Kalpana Chawla 9: The Awards and Certifications She Had Received Were Plenty

Dr. Kalpana Chawla received many awards and certifications from the US. Some of them are certified pilot license and also certified as the flight instructor for glider and airplane.


Facts About Kalpana Chawla 10: Tragic Death During The Mission

During her mission of Space Shuttle Columbia, along with 7 members, she died tragically in the disaster. It was on February first 2003 when she passed away.

Dr. Kalpana Chawla is one of the examples of great woman on earth. Her passion followed by her dream, brought her to the big mission she was dreaming of. We believe there are loads of facts that we can give through facts about Kalpana Chawla.