Top 10 Facts About Katydids

Do you like insect? top 10 facts about katydids can give you the secret and the answer of your curiosity about this insect. Katydids mostly lived in a tropical forest or tropical countries. The shape and the form of its body are interesting. Usually the colour is green or sometimes brown. Let’s go to see the facts!

Facts About Katydids 1:  Katydids Is Not Really A Grasshopper

It can be categorized as the relatives of grasshoppers but with the long antennae, katydids can be distinguished from it.

Facts About Katydids 2: They Have Unique Wings Motifs

Many predators get confused with the wings of katydids. The wings have motifs and mark like leaves. The colors are green and sometimes they look like leaves.

Facts About Katydids 3: Find Them During The Night

They are nocturnal creatures. Meaning that you can’t find any of them during the day. If you are curious about them, you can go out during the night and you can find them in the tree or sometimes hanging on the leaves.

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Facts About Katydids 4: Eating Leaves and Dead Insects Are Their Favourites

Oak tree is their favorite place to find foods. You can find many leaves there and as well the dead insects on it. Katydids love to eat the leaves and also aphids.

Facts About Katydids 5: Do You Know The Sound of Katydids? It’s “katy-did”

It sounds cute! Actually they are named because of their sounds. The male katydids make sound by rubbing the scrapper. The sounds will be like “katy-did”.

 Facts About Katydids 6: The Life Cycle of Katydids is Quite Long

It’s about a cycle per year. When it comes to autumn, female katydids deposit the eggs to the leaves. Then it will be over winter and it will be like the miniatures of katydids in spring.

Facts About Katydids 7:  The Wings Are Somewhat Accesories

But actually katydids don’t fly. They just flutter downward and backward. When they come down, they will get back upward.

Facts About Katydids 8: Summertime Can give them several living energies

During summer katydids can live longer. Normally they can just live for one cycle but during summer, katydids live more years. It’s different when the winter comes. The eggs are the only things that can survive.

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 Facts About Katydids 9: There Are Thousands Of Katydids In Tropical Countries

Approximately 2000 katydids can be found in tropical areas. Some of them living in Asia. However, South Africa is also home for 200 katydids.

Facts About Katydids 10: Katydids Don’t Live Close To Human

Normally you can’t find katydids close to human’s living area. They usually living separately in the forest. However, sometimes katydids can be found near to your house and eating your crop plants.

There are also some giant katydids. The size is like your full hand. If you like to go out at night, you will see this creature, but far from your house. So, are you going to be katydids hunter after looking at our facts about katydids?