10 Cool Facts About Kansas

These 10 cool facts about kansas will bring the unknown truth you didn’t know about Kansas. The city is known as the flat land  city. It is also called a land that flatter than pancakes. So, just take a look on these truths below and you can decide if it’s worth to visit:

Facts About Kansas 1: Wheat Everywhere!

Kansas is well known with the production of wheat. The city is covered with the wheat fields. It was 1930 when the farmers in Kansas produced 33 billion of loaves bread.

Facts About Kansas 2: Pizza Hut Opened Its First Restaurant Here

Kansas is the chain of Pizza Hut. The first opening of Pizza Hut restaurant was in Kansas area.


Facts About Kansas 3: Tornado Appears Frequently

The city is announced which has the highest frequency of tornado. It has average numbers of tornado happens per year.

Facts About Kansas 4: It Is Called “The Flat Land”

People considered Kansas as the city which flatter than pancake. The scientist proved it by comparing Kansas topography with a piece of pancake.

Facts About Kansas 5: The First Mayor In The United States Came From Kansas

Have you ever heard of Susan Madora Salter? She is the first woman mayor in United States. Kansas is her birthplace.

Facts About Kansas 6: Hunting Whale Is Definitely Illegal

Although Kansas is surrounded by sea without the coastline, it is really forbidden to haunt whale. People take so much care with the animals especially whales.


Facts About Kansas 7: Schlitterbahn Waterpark Is The Tallest Waterpark In The World

If you want to push your adrenaline, try the highest and tallest waterpark in the world. Kansas has Schlitterbahn Waterpark which is tallest than Niagara. Can you imagine when you are up there?

Facts About Kansas 8: Hidden Gate of The Hell

There are seven gates of hell in the world that people believe in. One of them is in Kansas. The urban legend says that the area is hidden in Stull, close to the Methodist Church.

Facts About Kansas 9: University of Kansas Invented Helium

The first helium was invented in Kan. University of Kansas discovered it in 1905.


Facts About Kansas 10: It Is Illegal To Shoot Rabbits

Besides the whales, Kansas also against shooting rabbits, especially from motorboats. The reason is because people with motorboats usually bring guns for hunting animals and they do it while they are riding motorboats.

The area in Kansas city is mostly natures. There are many things you can do here, especially if you like suburb area, then this place is good to visit. The weather is also warmer than other states area. Try to live as a cowboy by looking and walking around the wheat field. The beautiful landscape of Kansas is a typical atmosphere to enjoy. The people are also similar like the other states people. However, they live to do farming and they love it! If you are lucky, you can see the harvest day and you can try how to do harvesting. That’s so much fun to do. Read this article again and enjoy the facts about Kansas.